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Quick styling tutorial- versatile bohemian waves

Hello, lovelies! Today’s tutorial is about a style I have been wearing a lot recently, bohemian waves. This style I find is brilliant for day to night hold up well in our changeable weather. I have worn it on a plane and going about my day to day life in London. You can use accessories or not, either way, it looks great and brilliant for blending with your clip in or tape in hair extensions. If you are going to be out for a long day but still want to rock a bit of style, this is one you are going to love. Keep reading this step by step tutorial and rock your bohemian style yourself.



Prepare for your hairstyle

I have tried this hairstyle on both newly washed and second-day hair and have success with both. For my second day hair has a bit more bounce but if you have thinner hair newly washed hair may be best for you. Make sure that your hair is dried straight so you are not trying to fight to form new waves against the pattern of old curls.  Make sure that your hair extensions are equally straight so it blends beautifully from the beginning.


Add some texture

I love my waves to have some volume but I don’t like my curls to look too manicured like it belongs on a doll. To add a bit of texturising spray through the lower half of my hair before I start to curl, in order to get a more relaxed and textured look.


Time to curl

Take a one-inch section to the side of your centre part and wind it around a curling iron towards your face.you can use any sized curler but I like to play with curling my hair different sizes to make it look more natural. This next bit is what makes this technique special is that before your strand of hair is cold curl it the other direction so that you get a lovely varied flow. To get more volume opt for bigger sections at the base of your neck. Pin your curled up or hold it until it has cooled.  If you want to separate some of the bigger sections you can do that with your fingers before adding some more texture spray.


Add some accessories

If you want to leave your hairstyle like this it will still look great but I have found that this hairstyle goes brilliantly with a whole lot of different accessories. Headbands and scarves look incredible with a centre parting but if you want to add a stylish beret or clips flip your hair over to create a side parting. This will help compliment the flow of your waves and give you even more volume. If it is wet outside or if you are going to be wearing it from day to night I would recommend adding some alcohol-free hairspray to keep your waves in place all day.


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