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Steal Her Style – Meghan Trainor

There is surely nobody left on the planet who is not familiar with ‘All About That Bass’ singer Meghan Trainor right now. It’s near impossible to step into a nightclub or a bar these days without hearing her infectious debut single, which makes it lucky that it’s such a perfect dance tune.

Yet, on top of her ability to get music fans out on the floor, Meghan is also blessed with great looks, a winning smile, and gorgeous hair. She has just knocked 1989, the Taylor Swift album, from the top of the Billboard Chart, so she has an awful lot to live up to right now – somehow, we cannot see her struggling to dazzle in any way, shape, or form.

This bubble pop chanteuse is always rocking a wonderful ‘do, and she has a real thing for cute hair accessories, so the experts at ClipHair have decided to take a closer look at some of her best styles.

The Glamorous Wave

This week, Meghan Trainor stepped into the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, in Los Angeles, with a truly gorgeous screen siren vibe. It had everybody talking about how dazzlingly this witty star scrubs up, and her name is now on the lips of fashionistas everywhere. It’s great that Meghan went for a big and bold look here, because she’s known for her trademark accessories and pink hairbands. This was a much more grown up look, with gently flowing curls and an elegantly side swept fringe. It managed to bring out the fullness of her features without making them look too round.

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The Hair Extension Queen

In a recent chat with Glamour magazine, Meghan revealed something that was better than we could have hoped for – she loves wearing hair extensions as much as we do. She confessed that her hair is her absolute favourite feature, and that fake tresses are the way to go for girls who do not want to commit to a big look for longer than a night, or for gals with short hair who want to experiment with something different. She expressed her bewilderment at the fact that so many female celebrities seem to want to hide the fact that they wear extensions, explaining that she donned hers for the first time in the ‘All About That Bass’ video, and never looked back.

The Shocking Pink Princess

The most well-known Trainor ‘do to date has to be her debut look – delicate blond curls, accentuated with shocking pink highlights. To steal this style, pick up a one piece clip in extension in either light or bold pink, and attach it to your crown so that it lends your natural locks a little extra fire. If you are a bold fashionista, why not go the whole way and invest in a bright clip in fringe piece too? We are confident that Miss Trainor would approve – after all, she makes the style look so inviting. If you do have very light hair, it could be best to pick out a lighter shade of extension.

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The Blonde Temptress

She showcased her beautiful extensions in the best way possible at the Billboard event last year. With luscious long poker straight locks, she lit up the red carpet, and proved her doubters wrong once again. For a girl who speaks so openly about her body confidence issues, Trainor sure does manage to look like a star often enough. This immaculate style is mature, sophisticated, and ideal for a night on the town with friends or an afternoon dinner date. If you want to steal it, grab yourself a 22 inch clip in extension piece from ClipHair, and get to work with those straightening irons. Why not add subtle blonde highlights for a delicately sunkissed look?

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