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The Quad Weft – My Biggest Hair Secret

It is time to let the cat out of the bag -we love quad weft extensions, and we cannot wait for you to try them or yourself. This revolutionary type of hairpiece is made up of four separate strips of hair, which are firmly sewn together onto one thick weft of hair. It makes for the thickest and longest locks around, so if you are looking for that head turning style, you have to go for the quad weft.

You can wear this kind of extension in pretty much any way that you like, because the biggest difference is in the visual quality. With a quad weft, the hair is more naturally proportioned and placed, because it is not simply sewn along one single seam. This makes for long, luscious and perfectly even tresses, which are more glamorous than Angelina Jolie on a night out.

These are some of our favourite styles, and they can all be created using a top quality quad weft hair piece from ClipHair.

The Sophisticated Side Pony

In spite of its ultra- glamorous credentials, this look is really very easy to achieve. It is great for one of those Saturday afternoons that you have a feeling is going to turn into a wild Saturday night, without much chance for a prolonged spruce up session. It only requires you to gently gather your hair to one side and secure it in a loose ponytail. If it feels a little too loose, tighten it up a bit with a few carefully positioned bobby pins, as side ponytails can need more support than regular ones. There is something delightfully nineties about this style, which is lucky, because the retro look is coming back in force.


you can view these images here

The Playful Side Bun

This is one of our favourite styles, because it is so easy and quick to put together. It also helps that it looks wonderfully elegant too. In fact, it is ideal for the times when you either haven’t got the time for an intricate ‘do, or you haven’t got the energy to create one. You only need to gather your hair up, and sweep it into a relatively right side bun (tight enough to stay secure, but with a romantic touch of looseness), and then fix it in place with grips or bobby pins. If you like, let the front section of your hair fall loose, and it will frame your face. The overall neatness and perfection of this look should not be an issue, because it is supposed to be worn deliciously messy.

The Concealed Fringe

Now, here is a style for gals with unruly fringes. You mean know we mean – you spend hours in the salon chair, letting an expert create the most luscious style, but you get home and your fringe will not play ball. This is a common problem for girls with curly or wavy hair, and bangs that simply refuse to sit still and flat. If you haven’t got the time to straighten your fringe, but still want to look immaculate, use bobby pins to hide it behind your ears, and make sure that your extensions get all the glory. The Hollywood superstar Jessica Biel is a big fan of this look, though it is hard to believe that she has ever had a bad hair day in her life.


you can view these images here

The Long & Straight

The one true star of this style has to be the queen of social media herself, Kim Kardashian. This glamazon is rarely seen without her trademark tresses, either swept up into a flawless ponytail, or allowed to hog the limelight alongside an unbelievable dress. If you are lucky enough to have naturally straight locks, this is a good look for you. Whilst most curly girls spend their time wishing for poker straight hair, the ladies who already have it know how difficult it can be to introduce a little shape and interest. Why not try sweeping a portion of your hair to one side, and clipping it in place with a slide?

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