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Steal her style Amber Heard

This stunning American actress was amazing in magic mike XXL and the Danish girl. She turned into a superhero last year as Mera in The Justice League, which she was incredible in. if you haven’t seen it yet and love a good action movie, it is a must see. This woman is one of the people we would love to hate because she is so gorgeous but she is too cool and smart. She even has rad tattoos with poems and quotes (a little bit jealous). But enough of that let’s check out this Texan babe’s style so we can steal her style.



clip in hair extensions-amber-heard-mera-ariel


Mera or Ariel?

She rocked the screens in The Justice League last year as Mera so you changed her lovely golden locks to deep red. She looks like she is ditching Mera here and is becoming Ariel from The Little Mermaid instead. With an awesome wrist cuff and a fork ready to brush her hair with I think she would be an incredible mermaid.


clip in hair extensions-amber-layer-up


Layer up

We all love messing around and having fun with our friends but most of us don’t look as rock and roll as Amber does. She has longer hair now but when she had mid-length locks she rocked them with her textured layers. If you are time short and have a stunning face like amber then this hairstyle is for you. It doesn’t take much to create and is great for a second-day look. No heat needed simply work in some dry shampoo and braid your hair before you sleep. Gently comb out your braid and scrunch in some mousse and you are done.



clip in hair extensions-amber-victorious-amber



Victorious Amber

If you want to have a little more drama like Amber does here say hello to victory rolls. Amber rocked this look in a photo shoot. If these rolls look retro inspired that is because they are. Victory rolls were the hottest hair trend of the 1940s and you will see them in countless period dramas. If you have dramatic hair like this you have to have a dramatic outfit to match. Think Keira knightly in the Atonement or Amber in her stunning red dress. It will take some and a bit of heat so make sure you plan and have your hair extensions and serum at hand. If you want to create this look yourself check out https://blog.cliphair.co.uk//hair-extensions/get-that-look-perfect-1940s-victory-rolls/


clip in hair extensions-amber-pony-love



Ponytail for pony love

Awww this looks like it is the end of an old western film. Well, what do you expect Amber Heard is from the midwest. If you are going for a workout, doing some gardening or looking after animals the last thing you want is your hair getting in the way and slowing you down. Gathering your hair into a high ponytail is simple and easy to manage. The trick for turning your hairstyle from blah into Bellissimo is to make sure that it is smooth and make sure you secure it on top of your crown. Use a couple of hair ties to give it some height and conceal with strands of hair.

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