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3 side ponytails for any occasion

Ponytails are a go-to for any occasion. They can be sleek and classic or wavy and cool but the best thing about them is versatility. My favourite look is a side ponytail. It is great as a workout look and for going out. Let’s check out three hot side ponytails that are a must try.

clip in hair extensions-ponytail-pull-through

Side ponytail pull through

Create a side parting and take all your hair over to the thicker side. Now is the perfect time to add your ponytail extensions, if you don’t already have them in, as this is the position your hair will be in for your hairstyle. Brush it so everything is nice and blended before you divide a one-inch section of hair from behind our ear (this should be the longest section of hair). You want this section to be compact and hold together to mix some mousse and wax and use your fingers to spread it down the middle section of your section.  Hold the rest of your hair in one hand and the small section with the other. You are going to create a pull through so still holding the top of your small section and wrapping the rest of it around the rest of your hair. The top bit will have become a loop which you can pull the end threw to secure. Add a bit more hair to your thin section to repeat two more times. To finish secure the end of the thin section to your ponytail with an elastic hair tie and spray to finish.

clip in hair extensions-ponytail-braid

Part braid ponytail

Start by creating a side parting, I did mine on the right to show off my most photogenic side, and move your hair to the thick side. You could do this with a fishtail braid but if you a time short like I was a dutch braid is so much quicker. Take a two-inch section from the tick side and divide it into three, crossing them underneath each other from another towards the middle. As you head towards your ear add some strands for thickness. When you get near the nape of your neck stop braiding, tug it to make it full and secure it with a clear hair tie. Gather the rest of your hair with your braid so you can gather it into a side ponytail and secure where your braid ends. Wrap your hair tie with a few strands.

clip in hair extensions-ponytail-jasmine

Jasmine pony

Divide your hair above your ears and pull it back into a ponytail. Wrap some hair around your hair tie and pin it to conceal it and pin it in place. Go down a couple of inches and add another hair tie. Pinch the section in between your hair ties so it becomes a bobble shape. When you have the thickness you want to wrap a strand around to hide your hair tie. Repeat this a few more times until you get to the end of your hair. Add hairspray to finish.

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