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Rope braid bun tutorial

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I love styles that look incredibly intricate and complex but are actually really simple to make. This is one of those styles. It is made to be impactful with minimum effort. If you have been looking for inspiration for a big bun, look no further. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to achieving an awesome hairstyle and #wearcliphair to show it off.


Step number 1: preparation

This style is great for second or even third-day hair so if you are going from day to night and don’t have time to wash your hair, don’t worry. Make sure it is thoroughly brushed and if your roots are a little on the oily side spray in some dry shampoo. Next, create a side part and separate strands at the front that you want to frame your face and tie them out of the way. Before you create your braids you need your hair to be as easy to manage as possible. Add heat protecting serum because you are going to straighten hair so that it is easier to manage. This is for all of your hair except your face-framing strands, you want to curl them so you have a lovely soft look. Once your hair is straight separate a section at your crown. Tease your roots at top of your crown then smooth it over.


Step number 2: create your braids

Split your hair in half vertically and secure into pigtails at the back an inch above the nape of your neck. Add your Cliphair extensions around each if you don’t already have them in. Then split left pigtail in half. Twist each half so it is twisted down to the ends. Wrap them around each other all the way to the ends. Make sure you wrap them tight enough so they don’t fall out. Secure with an elastic at the end and repeat on the other side. Now you have the shape, hold the end of your rope braid then gently pinch the sections so the twists become fuller.

Step number 3: make your style

Now you have created your rope braids it is time to create your final shape. Take the left braid and drape it up and around the base of your right braid. Take the ends as close to the base of the left braid as you can get and pin into place, make sure the ends are pointing inwards so they aren’t sticking out of the bottom. You are going to take your right braid and wind it inside the circle you have created, like a rose. Secure this style with hairpins so it stays in place. If you are going to be moving about, don’t be shy with the number of bobby pins you use. Pinch your hair at your crown as it may have flattened while you were twisting your braids. Once you are happy with how much body you have at your crown you are done. Remember to add hairspray to hold.


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