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Retro braided updo tutorial

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Gorgeous vintage dresses and glamorous make up I love a stunning retro look. This is exactly that! A stunning style that makes you feel amazing yet still being fun. If you are going out or just want to try a fun new look you will fall in love with this style just as much as I have. This look makes me feel bubbly because it is full of style, and body. It can be worn to a fancy night out or to go shopping. Whatever you want to do, try this style and show it off by #wearcliphair


Step number 1: time for preparation

This look is relatively low maintenance when it comes to preparation. It is way easier to create when your hair is dry and I found it really helpful having second-day hair. I loved having textured locks that look incredible at the end. Spray your hair with some texture spray and your roots with dry shampoo and you are ready to roll.



Step number 2: Create your beehive

Creating a beehive can sound incredibly daunting but it is so much simpler than it initially seems. Take an oval shape section of hair at your crown. This is going to be your base and you want it to be big. To help with that I suggest you put in a few 2 clip pieces of your Clip in Cliphair Extensions. Add them at the back so that they won’t be seen when you finish the look. Break your oval section down into rows and vigorously tease your roots. This will make you feel a little funny and look like a lion but remember this is a work in progress. Smooth over the top so you cannot see the teased roots but retain your volume. Pinch your hair at the back of your crown and push it up a little and pin it into place.


Step number 3: Your braids and shape

Split your hair vertically in half. Focus on your right half first. Divide this section into three equal parts. Fold your sections out underneath there other sections to create a thick dutch braid. Secure when you get to the end of your braid with a thin hair tie. Pinch each of the sections so they are nice and full before you repeat on the other side. Drape your left braid across your head I front of your beehive then pin behind your ear, making sure that the ends are tucked under. Do the same with the right braid then spray your style with hairspray and you are ready to go out.


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