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Inspired by Wizard of Oz this halloween? Check out these wicked styles

Wicked has brought the Wizard of Oz’s popularity back in a big way. So many people love both the musical and the film. It is no surprise when there are so many different types of characters and inspiration. When I say inspiration I mean for Halloween styles of course. You have Dorothy, Glinda Alphaba, Toto, Tinman, Scarecrow and the cowardly lion, not to mention the flying monkeys.

Today I will go through some of the most popular Wizard of Oz inspired hairstyles. Hairstyles which are perfect to party in. Don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your looks.




This is potentially the easiest style to create for Halloween. Start by adding some dry shampoo to your roots for extra oomph (also perfect if you have second-day hair). Once you have done that create a centre part and attach your hair extensions if they aren’t already in. Focus the extensions around the back of crown and towards the nape of the neck so they would blend the best in the braids.

Before you braid your locks add some heat protecting serum to your locks and grab your curler. If you want your curls large and ringlet like so don’t put your fingers through them. When the curls have set put one half of your hair over your shoulder and the other half you can split into three equal sections. Starting about an inch away from your hairline and just create a standard dutch braid that goes just beyond your ears. Pinch each section before your secure the braid with a clear hair tie and repeat on the other side. Put your braids forward over your shoulders and you a done.





Glinda was the ultimate good witch who did everything perfectly according to the film. After having seen the musical I have a few doubts about just how good Glinda truly is. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of this good witch and are in love with pink it is a great option for a Halloween outfit. The original Glinda had a tremendously big gown and crown so her hairstyle had to look great down. This is the extended version of finger waves with a curl at the end that was the example of perfection for back in the day.

To create this you will need to have really wet hair and detangle your locks. I always add a little mouse at this time, it has the lightness that won’t interfere with the waves but will dry to help hold them in place. Start by creating a centre part again so that you have room for your crown on top. You are going to comb your hair in little c shapes near your part, pinching the ridge of your hair before you take away the comb so the hair retains this shape. Put a pin in whilst you create another c next to it. Repeat all the way around your heat and as you continue down to put a finger over your pin so it stays in place. Spritz with some hairspray once you have created rows of this all over your hair and leave to dry, take out pins and you are done.


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