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How to protect your hair this November

Authored By Katie O' Connor


November is here and it is definitely feeling chilly in the Northern hemisphere. I am certainly feeling the change not only do my hands and toes get very cold but my skin and hair feel different too. I know I am not alone with this and that those of you that go in and out of the tube. Definitely feel the drying of your hair. You could just continue like nothing has changed and hope for the best. But I have to tell you that probably won’t work. I have put together some essentials for protecting your hair this November. #wearcliphair

Change up your shampoo

As your hair changes with the seasons and with age, so should your shampoo. Shampoos are not the only things that will need to be rethought though. Also, conditioners and how often you wash your hair should be revised as well. Many of the products you use during the summer will be lighter and less nourishing than the ones you will require in the winter. If you have shampoos that have SLS/SLES please just throw them away. They are never good ingredients for your hair and strip your hair of nourishment and natural oil. When your hair is already getting dryer, this is not a wise move.


Hair mask for your hair health

I mentioned the way you wash above and that is something that will need a massive rethink. If you wash your hair once a day I would recommend skipping a day in between your washes. By doing this your hair and scalp don’t get too dry. If you wear hair extensions this will not affect the quality of them. But it will help the hair they are attached to stay strong. A hair mask once a week I think is always a good idea, especially if you do things like swimming regularly but it is absolutely essential during the colder weather. There are so many different masks that can help with different hair types so there is no excuse to have your weekly deep treatment.

Serum to top up

Having a weekly hair mask is great but if you have curly hair like me or are outdoors a bit a top-up is a good idea. Hair serums are great to give your hair and extensions that extra TLC. Many of them are also heat protecting. Don’t forget your hair may have natural oils but your extensions do not, so if you want them to continue looking great, top up with serum.


Wrap for success

You could wrap your hair with a satin scarf, and that is actually great for the nights. If you want to really want to protect your locks during the day extensions are the key to your hair health. Permanent extensions types like the micro loop are great to last a cooler season and when they are braided into tight braids and cornrows they are great to protect your natural hair too.


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