When winter’s windchill bites, nothing feels as cosy and trendy as a warm, colourful beanie. Whether you choose a fancy woollen beret, a cutesy knitted beanie or one topped by a fancy pon-pon, the next thing you’re going to think is: how to style hair with a beanie? Don’t worry, as your go-to hair expert, I am here to provide you with a few fashionable solutions to look like you just stepped out of a runway whilst keeping your ears warm. There are lots of options to correctly wear a beanie and look trendy while at it, and no matter what your hair length is, you can experiment and unleash your creativity with these versatile options! What are we waiting for? Let’s dive deep into beanie hairstyles ideas for this winter!

How to Wear a Beanie with Long Hair

Got long hair? You may be blessed with princess tresses already, or perhaps you’re devoted to your XXL human hair extensions. Either way, when the temperatures drop, it’s time to wear a hat to protect your head (and your hair!) from the cold. Here’s how to do it in style:

Sleek And Loose

This is perhaps the easiest beanie hairstyle ever. Meaning, you’ll just let your hair free-fall from under the hat! Inspired by the pop-punk icons of the past such as Avril Lavigne, and as seen on other Y2K stars such as Gwen Stefani, the sleek, long hair topped off by a beanie is one of the most popular hairstyles for winter. Just be mindful, that this is not ideal if you’re going to be somewhere windy – as your hair and hair extensions might get tangled if they’re not secured in a protective hairstyle. For an extra layer of protection, you could try a product such as the Color WOW Dreamcoat for that trendy glass hair finish. What’s not to love?

The Side Plait

Going for a nice walk in the park, or Christmas shopping with a loved one? Well then, look no further than the side plait – the gorgeous yet simple hairstyle that will keep your hair in place whilst elevating your look in a genuine, almost cottage-core-inspired way. All you need to do is sweep your hair to one side, and then start braiding it down. Secure the end with a small hair tie, a ribbon, or a small scrunchie – depending on your style and outfit! You can also pair this look with a woollen beret for that sophisticated “French girl” style that is oh so trendy. If your hair is lacking the necessary thickness to create a plump braid, you can always resort to the Wrap Around ponytail hair extensions!

The Low Messy Bun

A low messy bun is chic, practical, and romantic! You can easily create it by tucking your tresses in a loose bun, securing it with a scrunchie or a hair tie, and probably a few bobby pins. Make sure the bun is low enough to allow the beanie to stay on your head securely. Then, you can pull out a couple of tendrils at the front to frame your face with elegance. You can either braid the tendrils, organise them in two small bubble tendrils with the aid of a few small hair ties, or curl them for the ultimate sophisticated look.

The Low Ponytail

Nothing quite does it like a low ponytail, that you can style sleek and silky for an elegant touch, or curled up for maximised volume and texture. There are many ways that you can style a low ponytail in, so don’t worry – these are not your only option! For the trendsetter, the rope braid is a perfect example of how a ponytail can easily get elevated in just a few minutes. If you’re feeling artsy and are skilled at braiding, your could also try and arrange it in a French plait instead. Either way, a low ponytail or low plait can keep you classy and tidy whilst wearing a warm hat to protect your head. Once again, if you're looking to add some extra thickness to your long hair for the perfect ponytail, you can try something like Double Weft hair extensions to give your low pony a real kick.

The Boho Waves

Who said that crimped waves are only for the summer? (Literally no one, I just wanted to be dramatic!). The Boho waves, which you can easily achieve with the help of a waver, are the perfect way to sprinkle elegance on longer hair whilst leaving it free and flowy under a beanie. If you’ve been struggling to achieve the artsy vibe you’ve been sporting all summer long now that the thermostats are hitting below zero point, fear not – this simple and easy hairdo will keep you looking fabulous throughout the coldest season of the year. Need more oomph factor in your tresses? Find your perfect match among our collection of clip in hair extensions to give your mane the boost it deserves.

How to Wear a Beanie with Short Hair

Short hair don’t care – but what about keeping warm? When the temperatures start going down (without even having the decency of yelling “timber”), those who are devoted to a short haircut will want to know how to style a beanie to protect their heads whilst looking fab. Once again: I got you!

The Bob Dress Up

If you’ve recently got a haircut and decided to go for a fancy bob or long bob, you may find that having a beanie compressing your hair down doesn’t exactly look that flattering – especially if you already have naturally fine hair. What if I told you, you could dress up your bob with short hair extensions? Available in smaller sizes such as 12” hair extensions, our classic full-head collection can help you boost your bob whilst maintaining the shorter length you desire.

The Colour Block

If your hair is short and you’re considering getting clip in hair extensions to maximise volume and length in your short hair, why not go all in and purchase a set to create a fabulous colour blocking section on the lower layers of your tresses? Colour block hair is very trendy, and doing it with funky coloured hair extensions allows you to experiment with funky colours, highlights or lowlights without committing to a dye job or bleach damage.

The Textured Tousle

Shorter hair can benefit a lot by getting some added texture. You can do so with the help of a waver, a curling wand, or even a hair straightener (used sapiently). If your hair is naturally curly, you can dress your short hairstyle up by adding curly hair extensions instead! This type of clip ins can add volume and length to short, curly tresses – allowing you to pump things up in the hair area when a beanie might be squashing your natural ringlets down.

The Classic Plait

Styling your hair in a plait can seem a bit of a dream if your hair is still short, but it is more than achievable – with the help of the Wrap Around ponytail hair extensions set. Available in three different lengths, this nifty hair accessory can transform your hairstyle and elevate it in less than five minutes – allowing you to experiment with different hairstyles, such as… you got it: the classic plait!

The Bangs

Give your short hair a kick by adding bangs to your hairstyle! This doesn’t necessary mean that you need to commit to another big chop: if anything, you can easily switch things up in your look whenever you want – by adding clip in bangs, aka a clip in fringe! The clip in fringe is quick and easy to apply, and can be cut to your desired length to help you achieve the hair look you’ve been longing for. Curtain bangs, baby bangs, or a classic blunt fringe in the style of Cher; all of these looks can be yours with this nifty accessory!

How to Wear a Beanie with Hair Extensions

Whether you are considering getting hair extensions to achieve one or more of the above mentioned hairstyles, you may be wondering if wearing your extensions under a beanie can be a tad more difficult. The answer is… no, not at all. But let’s see things more in detail together!

A Seamless Blend

Wearing a beanie when you’re also wearing clip in hair extensions means that even if you made a little mistake, none of the seams / clips / attachments will be visible – as long as your keep your hat on.


Wearing a warm beanie during cold winter days isn’t just the most sensible thing to do for your health, it’s also a great way to shelter your tresses from the cold and the wind. Cold temperatures can negatively affect your hair’s moisture retention, making your tresses more prone to dryness and brittleness. However, make sure your beanie is made of natural materials – or the friction could lead to frizz and static.

Explore our clip-in hair extensions collection to step up your hair game this winter in no time! 

Styling Your Beanie

How do you style a beanie, and how do you wear it correctly? Let’s have a look at this quick list of dos and don’ts of beanie styling, for you to achieve the perfect winter look whilst respecting etiquette and looking stylish at all times!

Dos & Don'ts of Beanie Styling:


Choose the Right Fit: most beanies come in a “one-size-only” format, but make sure you’re allowed to try it on before buying it, when allowed. Ideally, you’d want your beanie to fit snugly, yes, but without being too tight. A tight beanie can not only leave an annoying mark on your forehead, but it could also be the cause of a headache!

Experiment with Angles: beanies, hats, and berets can all be fitted in different ways. Some beanies will have only one shape, some others will work better when placed slightly askew on your head. Try a few hat poses in the mirror before going out to find your perfect hat placement!

Accessorise: a nice scarf that goes with your beanie, a pair of gloves, or statement earrings: how will you accompany your chosen hat in your outfit?

Mix Textures: you can either work with the same texture for a polished finish, or mix your beanie’s texture with different materials in your outfit to add visual interest to the ensemble. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes it’s also fun to experiment… 

Hair Hydration: make sure your hair is properly moisturised, and never use heat-based styling tools without spraying some heat protection spray on your hair first! This will help you prevent static and maintain a polish and curated look, for hair that looks shiny, healthy, and soft.


Over-Styling: accessorising is one thing, overdoing it is another. If you’re already accompanying your beanie with statement earrings and a scarf, you may want to let go of that bold necklace, for example.

Forgetting About Earrings: if you can, a nice pair of earrings always goes nicely with a beanie – creating an elegant and sophisticated ensemble around your face.

Ignoring Hair Care: keeping your hair and Remy hair extensions looking healthy and manageable at all times is the key to success. The last thing you’d want is for your hair to look crinkly, frizzy, and knotty, am I right? Make sure you follow all the necessary steps to take care of your hair during winter. If you’re unsure of how, check out this post: Winter Hair Care Tips For Naturally Healthy Hair.

Mismatching Styles: yes to experimenting with textures and fabrics, no to a complete mismatch. Make sure that your chosen beanie aligns with the vibe of the rest of your outfit – this can be done by paying attention to the colour, the fabric, and/or the shape of your chosen accessory.

Ignoring Occasion: before choosing which hat you should wear, always consider the occasion. You should always opt for something appropriate – after all, you wouldn't wear a straw sun hat at a Christmas party, would you?


Looking for the perfect hair extensions to go with your winter look? Explore our collection of professional hair extensions for a long-lasting makeover, or find your bliss in our clip in hair extensions range for a quick switch up that you can wear in the comfort of your own home, whenever you’d like.

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