It’s a wrap! This year is nearly over, and as we anticipate fancy Christmas parties and glitzy New Year’s Eve celebrations, some of us are already looking up to 2024 hair trends and such. What will be the next it girl haircut? Which colours will be the trendiest for spring, and what hairstyles will dominate the scene? As hair experts all around the world prepare themselves for a new year of trend-setting and fashion statements, we have gathered their opinions in one blog – hoping to answer all of your questions. 

Cutting-Edge Hairstyles

If you’ve been wondering about the trending hairstyles of 2024, here’s what celebrity stylists and salon owners have to say!

The Baroque Bob

Think of the soft curves and romantic ringlets of Versace runways: yes, this could be the future of growing out your 90s bob! If you’ve explored a shorter haircut in the past and are now left with chin-grazing lengths, then you should definitely try giving it a spin with the help of your hair curler. The Baroque Bob, according to Jason Crozier (art director at Neville Hair & Beauty), is rapidly taking over – with celebrities such as Zendaya already advocating for this opulent, romantic hairstyle. And for those days where you’d like to dress your bob up, you can always do it with the help of clip in hair extensions.

Elevated Updos

2024 elegant hairdos are all about defying gravity – with a hint of “old money” aesthetic, and just the right amount of messiness to make them approachable. Laid-back but nothing short of classy, this type of hairstyle works wonders for multiple occasions – whether you’re going to work, out with your friends, on a romantic date, a party, or on holiday. Elevated updos are going to be all the rage, dominating the scene. You can use Remy hair extensions to boost them with thickness and volume for a more glamorous finish, and adorn your hairdo with hair accessories such as claw clips, French pins, and more.

Glass Hair

This Kim Kardashian-inspired trend came up a couple of years ago, but now more than ever it is coming back and taking over. Long, luscious length that are styled in a poker-straight blowout are too good not to be tried – designed with celebrities from the past in mind for a fabulously Y2K finish. Products such as our Moisture Lock Silky Spray can help you achieve that nourished, glassy canvas on your hair – promoting shine and moisture retention in your tresses – whether it’s human hair extensions or your own hair.

Hair Cuts for Next Year

What about haircuts? With new trends such as the butterfly haircut, the wolfcut, and the jellyfish cut that we’ve seen spreading all over social media in the past few years, 2024 offers new options for those looking to get a bit of a chop – or those who are trying to grow a previous one out. Here’s a list of some of the predicted hair cuts of 2024!

The Curve Cut

Inspired by viral hairstyles of the past such as The Rachel and the 90s lob, the curve cut borrows the layered elements from the butterfly hairstyle and flips it the other way around – quite literally. The curve cut, also known as the C-cut, folds the layers of your tresses inwards to frame your features with an embrace. As the 90s revival goes on, this hairdo is predicted to go big in the 2024!

The Contour Haircut

Personalised to one’s bone structure and personal style, the contour haircut is already becoming a sensation. After all, there seems to be a huge fascination with the word “contouring” in general – whether it is applied to makeup, or even body-sculpting techniques advertised here and there. The contour haircut is exactly what it sounds like: a haircut that is personalised to uniquely fit to your features – meaning that it can’t truly be replicated by anyone else – unless you have a twin!

Layers & Shag Haircuts

The shag haircut has seen quite a revival in the past few years, and it keeps on going. From the original 70s shag that’s been repurposed by celebrities such as Zendaya a couple of years ago, to the shag 2.0 that has been explored by Kirsten Stewart – this popular haircut keeps on getting revisited and modernised to appeal to the public. Its layered allure and versatility make it a great hairstyle opportunity that can be dressed up and down with the help of products such as nano ring hair extensions – perfect to fit even in shorter haircuts.

2024 Hair Color Trends

Explore the most mesmerising hair colours for 2024! From innovative techniques to the return of a few, trendy suspects, let’s find out what the trending hair colours of the upcoming year will be.

Colour Blocking

After the rise of gemini hair, colour blocking hairstyles are taking over. They can be a simple work on one’s ends, or a whole section dyed to be in contrast with the rest of your mane – colour blocking hair is trendy, playful, and fashionable. If you don’t feel like committing to a brand new hairstyle with a dye job, you can always achieve the same result by using products in contrast with your natural shade. For example, if you’re a brunette, you can explore blonde hair extensions to brighten up a section of your hair in glamorous contrast. Or again, natural redheads could spice things up by adding a dash of jet black hair extensions to their tresses!

Sun-kissed Balayage

The evergreen colouring techniques that never goes wrong: the balayage is still trending, now more than ever. So much so that celebrities are getting theirs freshened up for the winter, rather than waiting the warmer season! Adding a balayage to your tresses doesn’t necessarily need to involve a complicated bleach job that might leave your hair dry and brittle - instead, you can apply balayage hair extensions to your mane to transform it with subtle elegance. The result? A naturally sun-kissed finish that will make your complexion glow with that summer holiday look – no matter the season!

Honey-Inspired Shades

If celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Keke Palmer all decide to adopt this shade a month before the year ends, you can easily tell that this colour will be copy-pasted on thousands of heads before you know it. Is honey blonde the new red? After the rise in interest in red hair and red hair extensions this past year and a half, some of the A-listers are turning their head back to honey-inspired and ashy shades. A few examples in our roster?

Soft bronze balayage hair extensions, Biscuit Blondey hair extensions, and Iced Cappuccino – to name a few…

Cliphair’s Style Tips and Product Recommendations

You’ve chosen your new hairstyle and/or new hair colour, but how do you make the most of it and how can you elevate it for that perfect “celebrity feeling” hairdo? The answer is right here – you can easily do it with Remy hair extensions. Let’s find out which ones can help you achieve your hair goals!

For Short Haircuts: Nano Bond Hair Extensions

Nano bond hair extensions, with their sturdy yet flexible silicone seam, are champions of discretion even in shorter haircuts. They blend in seamlessly with your natural hair, and they’re made of 100% double drawn human hair – same thickness for each strand, for a glamorous and fuller finish that comes in nifty 50g packs of luxury hair. Each strand weighs exactly 1g, reducing waste and ensuring an even application.

For A Quick Change: Clip In Hair Extensions

How do you quickly dress up and down a trendy bob or a long bob? The answer is easy – clip in hair extensions! You can easily pop them on and off at your convenience, and you don’t need a stylist to do this for you! That’s right, all the glitz and glamour of a fresh new hairstyle can be achieved in the comfort of your own home. Depending on your hair type, there are many clip in options that you can experiment with: for example, Ultra volume hair extensions for maximised thickness – or Seamless hair extensions for discreet silicone seams and a luxury finish, thanks to their double drawn perfection.

For The One Always In A Rush: Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions and invisible tape hair extensions are the perfect option for those who would like to achieve a long-lasting makeover, minus all those hours at the salon for a full-head of nano ring hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions are the perfect alternative for those who have been blessed with naturally thicker hair, helping them save time and money! A full-head of tape hair extensions can take up to an hour and a half. Our collection of tapes comes in different formats to cater a wider audience: classic tape in hair extensions, double drawn tape hair extensions, and invisible tape hair extensions.

Maintaining Trendy Hair: Care Tips for 2024

Depending on your choice, maintaining your fresh new hairstyle can be work. Some hairdos, like the shag or a layered haircut such as the Curve cut, are less high-maintenance. If you’re going for ash-toned shades of blonde, purchase a good purple shampoo to maintain its coolness in between your colour touch-up appointments. And if you’re wearing hair extensions, make sure you always keep them moisturised and detangled by using the right products – such as a detangling hair extensions brush and our Moisture Lock Shine Spray. Focus on using sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, and always make sure you use heat protection before styling. Explore our range of clip in hair extensions and find your perfect match today, or get your long-term hair makeover thanks to our collection of permanent hair extensions

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