So the party might be over but something is impatiently waiting for you. Your extensions that you have really looked after just before the glitter got stuck in the locks, need a bit of your love, don’t they? The exposure to a variety of toxic elements is a big NO-NO for the health of hair extensions.

After all the sweat to get the perfect curl or the silky straight, to get those messy hair bun done or the struggle with back-combing, blow-dry because you’re running late for the party or the colouring because, well, why not; it’s about time, you stop this hustle bustle and do the detox process before hair get any further damage or chemicals hostility.

Here's how to rescue your post-party hair with an easy detox step by step guide to prevent any of those happening.

Step One: Apply Moisturiser


Excess of styling, colouring, flat-ironing, and drying can cause split ends and breakage. It literally takes the life away from hair and makes them dry-dull-dead since dry hair has less capacity to absorb moisture to keep it bright, shiny and textured. Oils such as coconut, almond and castor oil are the best source of moisture and the easiest to find too.

Warm whichever oil you think is best for your hair type. Warm it a bit and gently apply both on to your scalp and the tips. Cover your hair with the towel and leave it for a couple of hours to let the hair properly socked. You may leave it overnight too. A gently head massage will help to increase the blood flow. Wash it with ammonia-free shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Less the chemicals, the better. Tip: Never go to bed with wet hair. Let it dry naturally.

Step Two: Chop off the split ends


Split ends basically exist to traumatise your hair like one of those mean characters in tv shows who are not actually mean but also look super mean. In result of heat-styling or highlights, hair starts to break at the end. They look rough and if not trimmed, will cause further damage. More you wait to trim, more will be the sacrifice of your hair. So it’s time to nip in the bud, get rid of the evil split ends by trimming evenly.

Step Three: Use Cucumber and Lemon

Now the clean, tidy and toxin-free hair need a bit of pampering to soothe from the trauma it has suffered. It will help to remove any hidden toxin that was built-up and was too stubborn to go off in the first attempt. The natural ingredients hair mask will gently clean the residue of hair styling products and will require you to repeat. The process a few more times to completely get rid of toxin. There are some really good hair masks you can make at home, my favourite ones are with cucumber, lemon and essential oil.

It’s super easy and all you need to do is peel the lemon and cucumber and chop them into tiny pieces. Use any essential oil, lavender works great with hair and has a superb fragrance. Blend them together to make a mildly thick paste. Gently apply onto your and leave it for a good few hours before you rinse it without shampooing. The acid in the lemon will do the cleaning and cucumber will soothe your scalp and make the hair and scalp look healthier, dandruff free and shiny.

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