As the chatterboxes of the zodiac, air signs are all about communication and getting stuff done. Your mind runs at 280 miles per hour all the time, and on an occasion like this? It can be a great skill to put to work. Get your planners ready, and check out what the stars have to say on your big day.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Ahhh yes, the one sign everyone talks about! Often deemed as two-faced and outspoken, this air sign is mysteriously fascinating. The Gemini experience in a nutshell? Falling in love with yourself before falling in love with anyone else. And no, this is not a motivational mantra - this is how it works for them, naturally.

Wedding Season: Deep Summer

Cheerful, vibrant, lively: these are only a few of the words I could use to describe the perfect Gemini energy! Their sanguine temperament makes deep summer the perfect season for a Gemini to celebrate their union. July is the best month to live and celebrate like you’re on a long-lasting holiday!

Wedding Theme: Socialite

Interacting with other humans is a must for Geminis, as they thrive in the company of their family and friends. This is your special day, but it doesn’t mean that your bridesmaids and guests can’t get as involved as you are! Sparkles and decadent beauty can go a long way, but we all know a true Gemini will be looking forward to the wedding party more than anything.

Yes To:

Thinking outside the box, geeky details, a big, BIG cake

Honeymoon Ideas:

A fairytale destination, maybe spend a few nights in a castle? Whatever the location, make sure your stay is full of adventurous opportunities to feed your curiosity.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:

A tousled, high ponytail for sure! For volume and definition, incorporate your hair in a clip-in wrap-around ponytail for the best results. Thinking of keeping your hair down? Then go all glamour with Hollywood waves!

hair extensions

Libra (September 23 – October 22) (back to index)

People may say Libras are indecisive, but what would a Libra say? “I’m not indecisive, I take into consideration every possible scenario and care about the finer details”! Well, this is your wedding my dear Libra – the world is your oyster! Just remember that this day is all about you and your special person – don’t lose yourself in trying to please everyone and you’ll be just fine.

Wedding Season: Late Summer/Early Autumn

Nothing screams “Libra” more than a Libra wedding during Libra season. September is the best month for Libras to express their true self and show off in majestic, glamorous gowns thanks to the mild temperatures.

Wedding Theme: Garden Luxury

Just like a Virgo, Libra is a sign that gains great benefits from grounding and being in touch with nature. Outdoor weddings are a wonderful opportunity to show the world that even if what you have to work with is raw nature, your Libra spirit will be able to elevate and beautify what you’re given. Libras thrive in taking care of the minor things that define and bring to light the bigger picture.

Yes To:

Art installations, cake extravaganza, alternative lighting.

Honeymoon Ideas:

Besides their perfectionism, Libras are also widely known for being chic, romantic, sociable, and… Party animals! Miami, Ibiza, Amsterdam; these are only a few of the options for a Libra to celebrate in style once the ceremonies have ended.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:

A sleek updo without thinking too much about the details; for a modern diva like you, the spiky bun is a great way to look and feel like a celebrity on your special day. If you’d like to keep it on the lowkey as you’re already gone bananas on your dress, then opt for a middle part and tight bun.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius bride, you’re a true wonder! Ha! Here’s to those who always said you had commitment issues. Your big day will leave everyone speechless - after keeping them guessing for a long time. It’s quite hard to give guidelines to an Aquarius bride, especially since this sign has a natural repulsion for rules. They’re a stubborn bunch!

Wedding Season: Deep Winter, Late Spring

An Aquarian will always thrive in the month of their birthday, therefore January and February are good dates for them to kick off a wedding - however, on top of these months there’s also May, sparkling with new life and colours. Choose wisely!

Wedding Theme: Unpredictability

As an Aquarian, it is your duty - and, let’s be honest, quite the fun - to keep things interesting all the time. Usually your friends never know how your hangout is going to be, let alone if you are going to attend at all, so it’s kind of a given that your wedding is going to hide a secret surprise somewhere. 

Yes To:

Silver and copper details, symbolism, an unusual cake.

Honeymoon Ideas:

Your honeymoon destination won’t be easily found on the Top 10 Most Wanted destinations, quite the opposite: steer away from the beaten path and you’ll find your Aquarian spirit roaming freely in unusual honeymoon destinations, such as Iceland or Cambodia.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:

First they laugh, then they copy! This has been one of the Aquarius mottos since forever, and it couldn’t be any truer! Aquarians are natural leaders and trend setters. Feel free to go crazy with your mane and to experiment with colourful hairstyles, braids and more.


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