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How to get sexy holiday curls using hair extensions

Authored By Katie O' Connor


This time of year there is some magic in the air. The days will soon start getting longer again, there is your favourite food in abundance and all of the family is gathered together. When there is something special like Christmas you want to add a little magic to your style as well. One of my favourite looks at this time of year are big stunning curls. They give you the most body and let’s face it curls are associated with old worldie glamour so if you want to have pictures you will be happy to look back on in years to come check out how to get sexy holiday curls.


Get prepared


This look is before for second-day hair because the natural oil on your hair will add more protection when being curled. If you have hair that is on the oily side put some dry shampoo in the night before (the night before sounds crazy but actually give you the best results). If you have clip in hair extensions put them in now. Tri colour extensions and ombre hair extensions look awesome with this look. Grab a paddle brush and make sure it is blended properly. I love paddle brushes because of how amazingly they handle thick hair but if you have a sensitive scalp of older extensions definitely opt for an official rubber extension brush.


Divide your mane



This is where you have a bit of choice. If you want to have a more bohemian or 70s look go for a central parting but if you want to go more old school it is definitely best to create a side parting. Once you have created your parting separate the sections in front of your ears and tie to parts behind your ears back.


Curling time



You want to use a large curling wand for this style so if have a 2-inch wand that is perfect. Add a little hair serum to your locks before getting a large part from your front section and wrapping it over and around your curling wand. Hold it on there for 30 seconds before releasing your curl into your hand. Grab a pin and fasten your curl to your head and spritz it with alcohol-free hairspray so that it stays in place. Do the same on the other side and be careful that the curl doesn’t unravel when you pin it up. Now we are going to move on to the back section you are going to repeat the above process but instead of wrapping your hair around your wand wrap it under your wand. Let everything cool and set whilst you do your makeup for the evening and then we are on to the finishing touches.


Finishing touches


Remove your long metal clips and allow your curls to fall. So you don’t end up looking like Shirley Temple run your fingers through your curls. This softens them and makes them look a lot more natural. If you want to add a hair accessory or glitter do it now before adding a little more hairspray.




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