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Quick and easy styles to do with your quad weft extensions

Quick and easy styles to do with your quad weft extensions

Quad wefts are a lazy/ busy girl’s dream. If you want to thicken and extend their hair in one easy step, look no further than your quad wefts. Quad weft clip in hair extensions are pretty awesome because, as the name suggests, they have an incredible four strips of hair (almost as much as a full head set) sewn onto one thick weft. These babies are easy to attach. It is actually one 10′ wide hairpiece with clips that you can easily attach from ear to ear.  Know you know how they to instantly add length and thickness for a complete hair transformation let’s check out some styles you can rock with these clip in hair extensions at your December work and Christmas parties.

clip in hair extensions-weft-ponytail

Extra oomph quad weft ponytail

This is super easy to achieve with your quad weft but before you think about putting your hair extensions input some hair serum in and curl the lower half of your hair with a 1-inch curling iron.  You also want to curl your quad weft hair extensions before you put them in your hair. Create a centre part in your hair gather your hair into a neat ponytail. Make sure you leave some strands out to frame your face. Now you are going to add your quad weft hair extensions by clipping them around the top of your ponytail so it looks super thick. To hide the join you can either add a hair clip or wrap some hair around the join and secure it with a pin underneath. Spritz on some alcohol-free hairspray and you are done.

clip in hair extensions-weft-curls

Stunning quad weft curls

I actually curl my quad wefts differently to how I do with other hair extensions because of how thick they are. Make sure that your hair is smooth with hair serum and tie it up into a high ponytail. Take small sections of your hair and curl with a 2-inch curler. Now here is what I do differently I curl my quad weft hair extensions before I put them in because they are so much thicker and they are sewn together at the top. This has saved me a ton of time and frustration guys. I would also say if you want to dye your quad wefts like our lovely Cliphair babe has done here try dividing them into smaller sections that you are used to, so much easier. After you are done curling your quad weft clip in hair extensions measure where they would fit best, clip them in and run your fingers through all of your hair lightly to make sure that it blends. if you want a really thick and luscious look, why not pop on two sets of quad weft hair extensions one above the other. This will give you nearly as much thickness as a clip in full head double wefted hair extensions set in two simple steps. To finish this lovely look scrunch in some mouse so your hair will keep its body and stay in shape for longer.



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