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Two braids hairstyles to finish the 2017 with

Authored By Katie O' Connor



This year has been full of hair trends and experimentation from bobs to mermaid to loads of experimentation with braids. The brilliance of this is that there are braids to suit everyone and your hair extensions can help you turn your most basic braid looks into something spectacular. Braids are great if you want to look great but you have a lot to do or want to go out dancing so they are definitely a look that is a go to. I have put together some of my favourite braid styles to that you can continue to rock the trend all the way into the new year.


Snake Braid Hairstyle



This look is great with day old and freshly washed hair but I always think it looks amazing with a slight curl at the ends so start by adding your hair extensions and very loosely curling your locks. create a shallow side part and separate a triangle from your temple to the parting on the deep-parted side. Divide your triangle into three equal parts and create a braid all the way to the end of your hair without adding extra strands. Add a little bit of serum to your braid and before you create your snake shape. Hold one of your parts and slide the other two up to create a snake-like shape. This will probably leave extra space at the end of the braid so braid some more and repeat the process. When you have finished your braid secure it with a clear hair tie, repeat on the other side of your head and tuck the ends of your second braid into the same hair tie. To finish wrap the ends around the hair tie to hide it and spray to hold it in place.


Dutch Infinity Braid Hairstyle


Start with a centre parting from your hairline to the nape of your neck. Divide each half horizontally in two and tie the lower pigtails out of the way. You are going to start with the top right section; divide it into three and start your dutch braid from the front and incorporate strands from the lower sections until you reach your shoulder and repeat on the other side. Tie your dutch braids together just above your shoulders with a clear hair tie. Below your hair tie, it is time to create our infinity braid. Take a small section and loop it over one half of the pony and under and around the other half to create a figure shape. Keep adding strands from the back and repeat until you get to the end of your hair and secure with a clear hair tie. At the end, you want to make your hair picture perfect so pull some strands out to frame your face and tug on all of the sections of your dutch and infinity braids. If you want to hide your hair tie wrap some hair around it and spritz on hairspray and you are ready to rock.





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