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How to Fit Double Wefted Hair Extensions

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

One of the best things about clip in hair extensions is how easy they are to wear. You don’t have to have a lot of experience with styling or even that much free time, because these nifty little beasts can be prepared and secured in a matter of minutes. This makes them ideal for lazy mornings and rushed afternoons.

If you want that extra hour in bed, but you don’t want to compromise on your look, hair extensions are what you need. And, for girls with very thin or flat hair, there are double wefted hair extensions, perfect for adding volume. They’re formed by carefully sewing two standard hair pieces together, in order to form a product that is twice as thick and voluminous.

Keep reading for some handy hints and tips on how to fit and secure double wefted extensions. Then, it’s time to hit the town and show the world that Becky isn’t the only one with good hair.

Attaching Double Wefted Extensions

Ultimately, wearing double wefted clip in extensions is no trickier than wearing standard hair extensions. They are made up of two wefts (or tracks) of hair that have been sewn together. This creates a piece that looks fuller, longer, and thicker – but they’re attached in the same way. You need to divide your hair into two neat sections (the bottom and the top) to start.

The horizontal divide should be placed at the level of your ears. It should stretch from one to the other, in a neat and unwavering fashion. This is your guide for the clips on the hair piece, so line them up carefully. You can use hairspray to spritz the hair around the spot where you’re going to attach the hair piece. It will introduce a little more grip and keep the extension firm.

Enhancing and Refining Your Look

Once attached (press gently on the clips to close), you’ll need to let the top section of hair down and use your fingers to blend it with the extension. If you’re going to use a brush or a comb, be extremely careful. Clip in extensions are tough and built to last, but only if you’re not tugging on them. For safe styling, cover with a heat protective spray before you dive in with the curlers or straightening irons.

If that isn’t easy enough, you don’t even have to wear your double wefted hair extensions to wash and condition them. When the party is over and it’s time to come home, gently remove them, place them in the sink and cover with a high quality product. Then, head off to bed and come back to them in the morning. It really is that easy! Double wefted extensions are living proof that you can have style, quality, and convenience without a hefty price tag.

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Shopping for High Quality Clip In Extensions

Most of the time, single weft extensions provide more than enough volume, body, and bounce. However, there are some occasions when the only option is to go supersized! If you want to make a big statement at a party, dazzle in the club, or just find a cure for thin, lifeless follicles, double weft is the answer. Just ask Queen Bey – you don’t think she looks that flawless without a little help, do you?

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