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#hairhacks How to Fit Hair Extensions in Minutes

It may be summer, but nothing makes getting up for work early in the morning any easier. The ultimate dream is a bouncy, energetic start to the day. You down a kale and avocado smoothie, because that’s what keeps Gwyneth Paltrow feeling perky, and you skip to the office, only stopping to smell flowers and smile at babies.

For most of us, however, the reality involves a frantic five minutes in front of the mirror and a lot of fumbling around for keys. And that’s fine, because we can’t all be Gwyneth Paltrow and there’s more to life than flawless hair (isn’t there?). Wouldn’t it be nice though if you could rock perfectly styled tresses, without having to wake up any earlier or even put any extra work in?

This guide to styling with clip in hair extensions will show you how it’s done in just five minutes.

Step One: Eliminate Knots and Tangles

The first step is to thoroughly brush your hair, as you would before tackling any new style. You can do this quickly, if necessary, but make sure that all of the knots and tangles are removed. Once you’re finished, move on to your clip in extensions and repeat this step. To save even more time in the morning, you can actually do this before you go to bed.

Step Two: Split Hair into Sections

Take a tail comb and divide your hair into two equally sized sections; a quick cheat is to flip the comb around and use the handle to move through the thickest parts. The sections should form an ‘upper quadrant’ and a ‘lower quadrant.’ There should be a horizontal line that stretches from one ear to the other and it should be as straight and unwavering as possible.

Step Three: Start Fitting the Extensions

Once you’ve clipped the top quadrant of the hair up and away from the rest, you can start to fit your hair extensions. Be careful with the grip tops, because they’re easily damaged if you put too much pressure on them. You only need to apply a small amount of force and they’ll flip right open. The trick to attaching clip in hair extensions in a way that looks natural is to fit them along that pre-made horizontal divide.

Step Four: Blend with the Natural Hair

For multiple pieces, you need to space the grip tops out along the horizontal guideline in your hair. That way, you’ll get a nice, even coverage and they’ll blend naturally with your own tresses. Once all of the clip in pieces are firmly attached (and the grips are closed), unclip the top section of hair. It will sit right over the top of the grips, so that nobody can tell that you’re wearing extensions. The final step is to take your fingertips and manually blend the extension hair with your own, just to complete the look.

You Don’t Have to Be a Morning Person to Rock Extensions

One of the best things about clip in hair extensions is how easy they are to use. It’s a common misconception to think of them as being high maintenance, but they only create a high maintenance look. You can roll out of bed no earlier than usual, spend five minutes in front of the mirror, and still leave the house with a barnet that would have Victoria Beckham applauding.

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