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How to Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

It’s a common misconception to assume that all hair extensions are a bit of a nightmare. If we’re talking about the super pricey salon weaves that take an entire afternoon to attach, then fair enough; you might have a point. However, for the most part, regular girls don’t use these products. They’re expensive, take hours to fit, and they can be pretty painful.

For busy, style conscious ladies ‘on the go,’ it’s all about clip in hair pieces. If worn correctly, they can look every bit as natural as permanent extensions, but they come with the freedom to wear or remove them whenever you like. Plus, they’re very affordable and they come in a huge variety of colours, cuts, lengths, and shapes.

With everybody from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift now going gaga for clip in hair extensions, it could be time for you to up your hair game.


Picking the Right Colour

The first step is making sure you have the right colour as pairing your natural shade with one that is three tones darker isn’t going to fly. When searching for a colour match, always use the mid to end lengths of your own locks; never try to match with the roots. This is brand new hair and it naturally lightens as it ages, so you’ll end up with two conflicting shades. Use hair extension colour matching for best results! You might be interested in wearing more than one colour. For instance, the balayage and sombre styles are hugely popular right now. They’re created by introducing a gentle transition from dark to light, so that you end up with a beautifully sunkissed effect. This is perfectly possible with clip in highlights, but you’ll need to pick your tones carefully. The lightest one shouldn’t be more than three shades darker than your natural hair.

Styling like a Professional

Once you’ve got your clip in hair pieces all fitted and secure, you can start thinking about styling. This is how you’ll really blend them with your natural hair, so take a little bit of time to get this right. After a while, you’ll be so used to the process that it will take only minutes. For some girls, brand new extensions need to be trimmed and shaped to match the existing cut.

This is perfectly fine, as long as you cut up into the extension, rather than bluntly across the bottom. It is a common mistake and it leaves hair with that very artificial sense of uniformity. Natural hair doesn’t all grow to exactly the same length or in horizontal lines, so don’t be too concerned about producing a precision cut.


Playing the Long Game

The best way to make sure that clip in hair extensions stay firm all day and night is to avoid too much contact. While high quality hair pieces are pretty strong and can take a lot of wear, you don’t want to be brushing them too vigorously or constantly playing with your hair. For extra grip, you can take a thin toothed comb and tease the hair directly beneath the spots where you want to attach them.

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This will introduce a bit of hold and give the slides something extra to work with. Spritz with firm hold hairspray before you leave the house and you’ll have long, luscious locks that even a diva like Ellie Goulding or Gigi Hadid would be proud to show off. And, don’t forget that the best accessory in the world is confidence. Hold your head high, flaunt your best features, and show the world that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

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