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How to detox your hair and extensions

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

We often think about nasty toxins out of our skin and bodies but how often do you think about detoxing your hair and extensions? Whether you have product build up or over wash your hair these are incredibly common problems that’s can be helped by detoxing your hair at home. Your hair has been through a lot day in day out with products, heat and pollution. Detoxing your hair will make it healthier and prettier in no time. I am going to give you some of my favourite homemade vegan hair detoxing recipes. If I can do it anyone can!



We need the sour to get the sweet

Whether you have an oily scalp in need of cleansing or dandruff the answer to your toxin caused dilemma the ingredients to this remedy can be found in the grocery aisle. What do you need? Get your hands on a medium or large lemon, a cucumber and peppermint or tea tree essential oils. This is a brilliant combination the acid from the lemon will cleanse your scalp, getting rid of grease build up and the cucumber is soothing and helps your hair to grow. I was blown away by it! To make your detoxifying shampoo peel the skin off your lemon and cucumber and slice them into thin pieces. To help this go from a fruit salad to liquid put the cucumber and lemon into the food processor with 15 drops of your essential oil. This is to replace your sulphate, animal tested shampoo so simply use it as often as you would normally wash your hair.




Clay all the way

If you want to go for a deep detox you are going to have to get ingredients from deep in the earth. This is really good for hair that has been through the ringer so if you are a hair dye queen or heat addicted goddess this hair mask is going to be a total lifesaver for you.  The two key elements for this treatment are clay and aloe vera. We use clay on our faces and body to draw out the toxins from deep layers and that is exactly what it does for your hair too. Antioxidants have become a keyword for health so it makes sense that we are using aloe vera to give your hair that extra bit of health.

Unlike the lemon shampoo, you will need to hit the health food store for your ingredients. Put 1/2 cup of clay powder, 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup of pure aloe vera gel into a food processor and blend until they become a paste. Massage your paste into your scalp and spread it on your hair. To keep your moisture locked in cling wrap or put on a shower cap for half an hour. Trust me you do not want to let the clay dry up or it will be a nightmare to wash out. To help get your treatment out rinse it with1 cup of apple cider vinegar then shampoo and condition as normal after a couple of minutes.


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