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Three ways to create fun buns

Forget diamonds are a girl’s best friend, buns are your best friend when you are a sleepy first thing in the morning. Partying too hard over the weekend does not mean that you need to look drab on a Monday and buns aren’t as basic as they use to be. A few years ago the main buns that we saw out there were the prim ballet bun or boho looking top bun. Not now! Let’s check out some super easy buns that will make your friends think you have dressed to impressed.



The triple bun challenge

This is a 90’s inspired style and looks so fun. It can be dressed up with flowers and clips at the end to turn it into an evening look but it looks high class on its own. The brilliant thing about this look is that it is perfect when you have wet hair so it will deliberate not that you are running late. Divide your hair vertically into three sections. Tie each section up so that is level on your crown. Pull your hair through to create a loop, leaving the ends out. Wrap your ends around your ends around your hair tie and pin it. Spritz on some hairspray and you are ready. Easy and cute!


Flower bun

It may be getting cooler but we still love to see flowers, so why not create one? This intricate style definitely has the wow factor and is perfect for a girl’s night out with cocktails in hand. To make this style Instagram ready make sure you have your extensions in, we want your flower to really pop. Make sure that your hair is tangle free then put it into a ponytail. Divide your ponytail into three and braid your hair down to the ends. Pull on each section to create a thick pancake braid. Wrap your braid around the hair tie section of your ponytail, pin in place then you are done. What better way to rock a night out or a special occasion. For a casual style pull out a few strands framing your face.


The classic messy bun

When you are chilling and binging with Netflix with your other half or friends you don’t want to look overdone. This one can work well with wet hair, unwashed hair pretty much any condition your hair is in it will look great with this style. Create a centre parting and add a little mousse. Gather your hair into a mid-high ponytail, secure with a clear elastic hair tie and loosen some strands above your eyebrows and near your temples to frame your face. If you have shorter hair add a ponytail extension to add that extra length. Pull a couple of inches of your ponytail through your hair tie leaving your ends loose. Wrap the ends of your hair around and tuck it in underneath. Add some pins underneath if you are planning on going out with this look and you are done.



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