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Rookie errors you can make when you rocking hair extensions

We have all seen some amazing pictures of extensions and then we have seen some tragic pics, which haunt us and make us worry we will turn out the same. Britney and Paris have given us a few what not to do pictures but we definitely do not want that to be us! When trying a new type of hair extensions or hairstyle it takes lots of time to perfect. There were loads of times I thought I looked fab at first only to find out I have made a rookie mistake. You will probably have done the same even if you don’t realise so keep reading to find out what rookie errors there are.


A bad night’s sleep

Oh, so you have had a long day at the office or at a club. It is so tempting to get in and crash but that this is one of the biggest rookie error. This is obviously fine for tape ins but I cannot stress this even never ever sleep in your clip in extensions. This lazy girl habit mats your extensions and your hair together, digs into your head and pulls on your hair something awful. If you want to keep your hair strong and your clip-ins looking as good as new, take a couple of minutes to take them out. Trust me you will be super happy you did. Who would be nuts enough to want their extensions damaged and life expectancy?


Cutting edge

We know trimming our natural hair is a great way of getting rid of split ends and promoting hair growth but unless you are a brilliantly qualified hairdresser I wouldn’t recommend that you do it yourself. This is the same with your extensions. In your head, you imagine a silky smooth and smooth lines but in reality, you will end up looking like a hedgehog. Not a good style. To even out a bad cut you have to go shorter and shorter and in the end, you will probably have to get a whole new set. If you need to trim them to match your hair do the smart thing and take them to a professional. Better safe than sorry and it will be way cheaper than buying a whole new set of hair extensions.


Hairline disaster

So we have all seen pictures of Naomi Campell’s hair disaster. It is not a good look. She has destroyed the strength of her natural hair by wearing extensions the wrong way. If you clip your clip in hair extensions in too tight and too close to your hairline it can cause headaches and pull your hair too much. Plus if it is too close to your hairline it is so much easier to spot making your look very unnatural. To avoid this rookie error make sure that you clip in extensions at least an inch away from your hairline and your roots. No pain, just beauty and Instagram ready locks.

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