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How to choose the right Hair Extension colour for you!

How to choose the right Hair Extension colour for you!

There is nothing worse than getting a new set of hair extensions, getting excited, then to realise it doesn’t match your hair colour. Nightmare. There is no way to return used hair extensions so you could be left out of pocket and frustrated. You could re-dye your hair extensions but that is a just extra hassle so instead let’s check out some tips for getting the right hair extension colour every time.

clip in hair extensions-colour-options

What are the Hair Extension Colour Options?

How hard can it be? Brown is brown and black is black right? Wrong! Cliphair extensions have over 40 shades of colour from jet black to the lightest blonde hair extensions and funky colours like turquoise and pink. The choice is brilliant because we all know that there a several shades of even the same colour hair has different tones. We have chosen colours to suit all natural colours as well as match dyed hair. Because it is Remy human hair it looks as natural as your own hair being dyed.

clip in hair extensions-colour-match

How to match your Hair Extension Colour

When you get your hair extensions the way to make sure they are the right ones for you is to match the root to mid colour of your extension with the mid to end colour of your own hair. Your roots will be the darkest colour so you don’t want to match to that, your hair extensions will be covered and won’t be there anyway.

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Can the Hair Extension colour be changed?

Absolutely! Remember this is human hair so provided that you look after your hair extensions you will be able to dye them. We have ombre shades already but this is great if you want a colour that we don’t have or want a balayage tone. We had a lot of wonderful Cliphair babes doing this last year with mermaid shade hair. If you have synthetic hair, however, it won’t dye or trim properly and will look awful.

Most popular colours to think about 

clip in hair extensions-medium-choclate-brown

Medium/ Chocolate Crown

This is by far the most popular colour shade. Most of the world’s population has brunette hair so it makes sense that this is a great colour to choose, and it blends beautifully. If you want an everyday look you can keep it natural and see the lovely chocolate shades come out in the sun.  it is also a great colour to add subtle highlights to if you want to balayage your hair. 

clip in hair extensions-lightest-blonde

Lightest Blonde

Marilyn Monroe eats your heart out. Lightest blonde hair extensions is a beautiful head-turning colour. It doesn’t look brassy at all and has a lovely white undertone. It is brilliant to blend and will make your eye colour pop.

clip in hair extensions-colour-matching-service

Colour Matching Service

If you are unsure which extension shade is right for you, it can be difficult to choose online, use our FREE colour matching service. To the perfect match send in a picture of yourself and a snippet of your hair so we can match it against all our shades. You will get the perfect shade every time. Choose from our clip in and tape extension ranges.

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