After yesterday’s striking victory, England has seen the Lionesses win where the male football team hasn’t quite made the cut. As we celebrate the EURO cup finally coming home thanks to the amazing women England’s team, let’s have a look at the go-to hairstyles for England women's national football team. Ready to channel your inner sporty Spice? Then take inspiration from these athletic sporty hairstyles to slay your next gym session.

Women England’s Team: The Sleek Ponytail

This is an all-time favourite for any sporty person, and it’s easy to see why: the ponytail (especially the sleek one) is the easiest way to tie-up your hair and keep it away from your face whilst running, working out and scoring those goals. Fran Kirby (number 14) has a naturally fierce ponytail, usually worn with the rest of her hair slicked back on her head. If you’d like to achieve a killer ponytail but you lack the necessary length and volume, you can always resort to a clip-in wrap-around ponytail - the easiest way to create an elegant and fierce hairstyle with hair extensions.

Fran Kirby

Women England’s Team: The Fierce Braid

Ellie Roebuck knows how to rock a high, fierce, and plump braid. This hairstyle has seen a rise in popularity, especially in recent times where high ponytails and top knots are now a must-have even among celebrities and influencers. So how could a sports superstar miss out on this glamorous yet practical hairstyle?

Ellie’s hair is naturally thick, giving life to a voluminous braid that is, on its own, a big win when talking hair goals (pun not intended). To add the right amount of plumpness you can add a few single clip-in hair extensions to your braid, applying them horizontally as your work your way through the plait.

Ellie Roebuck braid hair

Women England’s Team: The Headband

Following the steps of another English football star, David Beckham, many more players are brushing the dust off their 90s headbands. Many other retro hairstyles are making a loud comeback this year, including butterfly clips and the infamous 90s claw clip. Leah Williamson, captain of the Lionesses nation is not immune to the appeal of these trends - and the headband makes a practical accessory for this sports leader. If you’d like to know more about some of the 90s and Y2K hairstyles that are breaking the internet thanks to celebrities from everywhere in the world, check out our blogs on Butterfly Clips Hairstyles, How To Put Your Hair Up In A Claw Clip and Bella Hadid’s Spikey Bun.

Leah Williamson

Women England’s Team: The Pineapple

Demi Stokes isn’t just a defender, but also a member of the curly-haired girls club - and who else could possibly rock a pineapple better than her? The pineapple is also one of the top beloved protective hairstyles for curly hair, and it’s easy to see why. You can wear it as it is, with the aid of bobby pins to keep it in place, or by adding a touch of colour and glamour with a silk headscarf or a headband to match your outfit.

Protective hairstyles are essential for certain hair types, especially coily and curly hair as they naturally struggle in retaining moisture compared to other types of hair - therefore need more protection against everyday damaging factors. You can read more about this on our blog dedicated to Protective Hairstyles For Curly Hair.

Demi Stokes

Women England’s Team: The Top Bun

You can wear it messy when off-duty, just like Leah Williamson, or tight on top of your head like Bethany England when stepping on a football field. The bun is a popular hairstyle for those that like to keep it classy when activating beast mode. In certain cases, such as when swimming or running, a long and flowy ponytail is not always practical.

The solution? A top knot or a bun worn high on top of your head! If you’d like to add drama to this hairstyle, you can always incorporate a few clip-in hair extensions in your natural hair before putting it up in a bun. For bigger, fluffier results, you can put on a clip-in ponytail hair extension and wrap it up in a big bun.

Leah Williamson


Next time you want to hit leg day, consider one of these hairstyles to feel like a winner. With these Lioness-inspired hairstyles you can bend it like Beckham in style - whether on a football field or on a bench press, your choice!

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