Love it or hate it, but TikTok is big when it comes to trendsetting. Don’t get me wrong, I found it pretty hard to understand too - forgive me, I’m just a clueless millennial - but once you get the hang of it, TikTok can be pretty fun.

Besides dances, storytime, and cringe-worthy improvised acting, the all-video social network is also going strong in the fashion and beauty department - having a lot to teach us all about the latest trends and how to recreate them on a budget. That’s it, TikTok is not just a social for you to marvel at celebrities, but it shows content generated from regular people targeting regular people, just like you and I, my dear reader. Ready to check out the latest TikTok hair trends?

TikTok Trends: #hairtok

What does #hairtok mean? Well, as you can imagine people on the social media like to hashtag #hairtok anything that has to do with hair and hairstyles, hair hacks, hair dye and more. With over one billion users, it’s easy to see how a good hair tutorial on #hairtok can become an internet sensation and go viral in a matter of minutes. Let’s see what’s the latest trending on the topic, so you can find your TikTok hairstyle!

Easy & Quick Fake Braids

This is the perfect hairstyle for those that are both looking to take an alternate route to achieve double plaits and make them look fluffier and peppier - but it’s also a quirky and useful way to tie your hair in style, even if you have little to no braiding skills. Want to add drama and length to your tresses? Apply a few hair extensions to achieve Insta-worthy volume and length.


My favourite type of braids ☀️

♬ Every Second - Mina Okabe

How To Wear A Bandana

Headscarfs are all the rage right now, especially since the Y2K aesthetic has made a roaring comeback. More and more celebrities and influencers are brushing the dust off their old silk bandanas, and for those who may be a little rusty this video shows how to wear a headscar properly. 

@giamonaebtq Heres one way to style our new head scarfs 🔥 #headscarftutorial #summercollection ♬ Latch - Disclosure

Crazy-volume Ponytail

This is the latest trick to give your ponytail an extra kick. People with thinner hair know how painful it is when you put your hair up in a ponytail and end up looking like a Rugrats character. And whilst this technique might be helpful, if you’d like to achieve the thick, long and luscious ponytail of your dreams you can always get a wrap-around clip-in ponytail hair extension.

@amberrosepeakehair Love this one! #volume #hairtutorial #hairtok ♬ Toxic x Pony - ALTÉGO

Criss-cross Pigtails

Another alternative hairstyle for those mini-pigtails that everyone is trying to recreate so much, lately. Both Gen Z and millennials are giving a go to this childhood hairstyle, and this TikTok user reveals how you can make it look even cooler and trendier by criss-crossing your sections of hair before tying them up with colourful mini-hair ties.

@quintymirjam Follow 4 more hairstyles 💗 #hairtok #hairtutorial ♬ Jiggle Jiggle - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

The Bella Hadid Middle-parted Ponytail

This “clean girl hairstyle” is doing great right now. Whether you want to wear it with makeup or not, it’s a personal choice - but the middle-parted ponytail is nothing new. The beloved middle-part that Gen Z has vivaciously brought back from the 90s has been incorporated in the sleek high pony that Kim Kardashian loves so much. Who’s the biggest celeb-fan of this TikTok hair style? But model Bella Hadid, of course.

@bethanyfosbery NO MAKEUP CLEAN GIRL HAIRSTYLE😍😮 #hair #hairstyle #cleangirl #cleangirlhair #nomakeuphairstyles #trending #bethanyfosbery #NatWestWhatYouWaitingFor #loveisland #learnontiktok #beauty #makeup ♬ SexyBack - ilkan Gunuc & Clara Stegall

Claw Clip Half-up, Half-down

Claw clips (also known as jaw clips) have made a huge comeback too. Who would’ve thought? What for us was a simple way to keep our hair away from our face is now considered a super-trendy hair accessory to always keep in your hair or in your bag. Go figure. Either way, go get your old collection of 90s claw clips - because they’re back! If you’d like to know more about this TikTok hairstyle, check out our blog on how to put your hair up in a claw clip.

hair extensions

@tanyasv_ Very easy hairstyle 🫶🏻 save this for later✨🤍 #hair #hairstyle #hairtutorial #fyp #trendinghairstyle ♬ call out my name sped up - xxtristanxo

Claw Clip Twist

Just like the previous TikTok hair trend, this hairstyle is a more elegant, updo-like take on the classic claw-clip hairstyle. Ideal for longer hair or people wearing permanent real human hair extensions, this look sees your tresses being tied up in a knot and sealed with a claw clip of your choice.

@bydanage Trending hair style #hairstyle #hairtok #hairtutorial #foryou ♬ you dont know me - 𖤍

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been popular for the past few years, and although some celebrities never really gave up on them, at some point they literally broke the internet. All of a sudden, everywhere you could scroll you could easily become a target for sponsored posts about how to cut your own curtain bangs at home and whatnot.

This TikTok shows how to style curtain bangs to switch things up a little - and if you’d like to know more about this look, you can read about it on our blog: The Face Framing Bangs Everyone Is Talking About And How To Get Them. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to your scissors yet? Then try this look on a clip-in fringe hair extension piece.

@janellemyh 3 WAYS TO STYLE BANGS 💇🏼‍♀️ #curtainbangs #fringe #bangs #hairtok #hairtutorial #bangstutorial ♬ Toxic x Pony - ALTÉGO


TikTok can be quite the shark tank if you’re not careful - and while I’m not an expert on the matter I know our Social Media team is always keeping up with the latest trends, memes and going-big influencers. I hope you liked this selection we made by teaming up, and if you’re giving a go to any of these styles don’t forget to share it with us for a chance of being reposted on our socials!

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