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#healthyhair Drying Tips For Healthy Hair

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Most of you are pretty familiar with the ins and outs of blow drying hair. It’s part of the hectic morning routine for many, so it tends to be done very quickly (often with a spoonful of cereal in the mouth and one sock on). It certainly isn’t something that we spend too much time deconstructing. Yet, there’s a right and a wrong way to blow dry and the latter could be doing serious damage to your tresses.

If you’re quite an intense styler – you use heated tools, hair products and hair extensions on a regular basis – it’s even more important that you blow dry with care. That harsh and sustained blast of heat can split ends and suck out moisture, so vigour needs to be rebalanced somewhere down the line. If you’re going to put your locks through their paces, you got to give them some love and nourishment too.

The following blow dying tips and tricks will help you minimise the damage and keep your hair looking shiny and happy.

Never Blow Dry Soaking Wet Hair

Not a lot of ladies are aware of the fact that hair should be around 60% dry before you even think about starting in on the manual styling. You need to pre-dry first, because it protects the vulnerable roots and limits the amount of pressure that the heat puts on follicles. So, don’t rush for the blow dryer as soon as you step out of the shower. Be patient. And if you don’t have enough time for this in the morning, wash your hair before bed.


Remember to Lift and Hold

You also want to avoid lazily blow drying over the same spots, because all that this does is flatten the hair faster than Angelina Jolie flattens marriages. While drying, use your fingers to repeatedly lift the hair up at the roots, so that the heat can reach them too. It’s a very effective trick, as treating the roots as well as the ends gives a significant boost to volume and body.

Be Sensible with Your Products

Sometimes, less is definitely more and, if you’re blow drying to create the foundation for a particular style, it’s best to be patient, measured, and careful. Using products as part of the drying process isn’t a problem, but absolutely dousing hair in them isn’t helpful. Start off with a light touch and then build things up. So, for example, use a silky hairs pray, spritzing from a distance and spray more in the places that still need it, rather than drowning the lengths.

Make Sure to Use the Correct Brush

There is a direct link between the size of the hairbrush and the smoothness of the hair. So, a broad, flat backed tool is perfect. In fact, stylists recommend using a brush with a metal core or component in the middle, as it heats up like an iron. The flip side of this is that you’ve got to be a bit more efficient with your drying; take too long or linger for ages on the same spots and you risk causing damage.

Always Let the Hair Set and Finish

This is a faux pas that almost all women – even the style savvy – are making on a regular basis. If you shampoo, blow dry, and run, whatever style you’ve worked so hard to create will be gone by the afternoon. For more longevity, it needs a little time to settle in. If possible, give your overworked tresses at least then minutes to cool down on the brush before you add products and begin braiding, twisting, or curling.

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