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#hairhacks How To Rope Braid Your Hair

The braided hairstyle is enjoying a major revival at the moment. If you didn’t see the ravishing Sophie Turner at the Emmy Awards, we suggest you take a peek now. It hardly feels fair that the Game of Thrones star can look that good with bright red hair and now, possibly, even better as a bottle blonde.

She stunned with a super cool braid on the red carpet, but she isn’t the only one rocking this style. It has been all over the winter catwalks and everybody seems to have their favourite version of the classic. We’re loving the rope braid right now, because it is a simple and strong look that can be worn in a pony or easily twisted up into a cute chignon.

To find out how to do it, read our handy step by step guide to perfecting the rope braid and giving Sansa Stark a run for her money.

Step One: Create a Smooth Pony

The first step is not to section up the hair, as you might for most other forms of braid, but to smooth everything back into a pony. Don’t rush it though, because this is the foundation of the hairdo. It needs to be bump free, with a flat and even surface. You can use wax or gel to tame flyaway hairs later, but just make sure that the top of your head is neat.

Step Two: Hide the Elastic

To conceal the elastic band, just wrap a small section of hair around the stem of the pony and hold it in place with two or three sturdy pins. If you’d rather skip the fussy stuff and make it as easy as possible to wear hair extensions with a rope braid, you can opt for a clip in ponytail and start the process from this point. It has to be secure though, so take your time when attaching and blending it with your own tresses.

Step Three: Split the Pony into Two

Now, divide the ponytail into two equal sections. Start winding both – or you can do one at a time if you prefer – in a rightwards direction. You want to be twisting, so that the hair is getting tighter and the length is shorter. Essentially, it needs to be in a position where it spring right back and unravel in a coil if you let go.

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Step Four: Start Your Rope Braid

This next step is fiddly, because you’ve got to keep the end of both sections tight and secure, while completing your braid. Cross the right section of hair over the left. Repeat, twisting to the right all the while, until both sections around ‘wound’ around one another, rather than braided in the traditional manner.

Step Five: Secure with a Band and Finish

Voila, you’ve got your rope braid and it really was that simple. Make sure that the end of the braid is securely tied and finish the look with your favourite product. We recommend a spritz of firm hold hairspray, particularly on the top of your head to achieve that super smooth effect.

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