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#hairhacks How To Get Super Straight Hair, Fast

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

At Cliphair, we have a major love for big and bouncy curls. They’re fun, feminine, and great for making a stylish entrance at any event. On the other hand, change is the secret to a happy, exciting life and your hair is no exception. So, if you’re a curly girl who likes to switch it up and go straight or a wavy wonder woman looking for a sleek and chic ‘do, we’ve got you sorted.

There are all kinds of great tips and tricks for straightening hair at speed. Because, let’s face it, you haven’t always got time to spend an hour in front of the mirror, meticulously nurturing every small section. Sometimes, it’s a bit of a style and run job and that’s okay too. Just remember that being too rough or straightening on a very high heat can cause damage.

This guide to straightening your tresses (either natural or hair extensions) quickly and safely will help you make it out to that party or dinner date on time.

Start the Process in the Shower

No, really, you should take the first steps before you even pick up those irons. Use an anti-frizz smoothing shampoo for super soft and kink free lengths. Or, and this is a strange but proven technique, you can add a shot of neat vodka to your conditioner. The low levels of acid actually close the cuticles and create a straighter, smoother head of hair. Don’t forget to wash it out thoroughly afterwards though or you might get some funny looks from that guy standing next to you at the bar.

Don’t Fry the Follicles with Heat

If you need to start styling fast after a good wash, you can blow dry your tresses, but be careful. The recommended way to do it is by shaking the head of the dryer up and down the hair. This is instead of holding it close in one spot. You’ll cause a lot less damage and the hair won’t fry in the withering and direct heat. This is a really good way to avoid after shower frizz.

Take It in Baby Sections

When you’re in a rush, the temptation is to grab larger sections of hair and convince yourself that this works just as well (we know, we’ve been there). Unfortunately, all you’ll end up doing is breaking hairs and putting a strain on the lengths without really getting the result that you want. It’ll work faster and more effectively if you section the hair off into small pieces and move from one to the other. It might feel slow, but we promise that you’ll be done sooner.

Apply Product to Cool Hair

For that finish to die for, wait until the hair has cooled down and then apply hairspray or a shine boosting product. It’s a big mistake to spritz scorching hot hair, because all it does is cause the product to sizzle and burn into your locks. Think about what happens when you pour cold water straight onto a boiling hot pan – it steams and sizzles and that is what your hair will do too. Be patient, give it five minutes, spritz, and then you’re ready to hit the road.


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