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Wear Your Hair Like Victoria Justice

As fans of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show will tell you, it takes a whole lot of woman to replace Susan Sarandon. Her turn as ‘good girl, gone bad’ Janet Weiss has truly become a thing of legend. So, we wonder just how nervous Victoria Justice was after she accepted the offer to step into her shoes (and lingerie) in the recent TV remake.

The reviewers haven’t been as kind to the new version as fans probably hoped. Then again, it always had an awful lot to live up to. While it may have lost a little of that naughty sparkle, it’s still heaps of fun and Victoria Justice does a grand job as the wide eyed dreamer wandering round in her underwear.

Needless to say, she looks like a goddess as well. And it isn’t the first time that this raven haired actress has lit up the screen. Let’s take a closer look at some of her finest hairstyle moments.

The Snow White

We’re used to seeing Justice with very dark locks. In fact, even her animated alter ego, in Jungle Master, had dark tresses. So, it’s a pleasant surprise to see her experimenting with something entirely different, even if it is just for a magazine shoot. This month, the actress showed that world that it doesn’t matter what colour your hair is, because if you’ve got the confidence to work it, you’ll always have fun. This platinum blonde shade is quite dramatic, but it works with her light skin and high cheekbones. Wash and blow dry your hair straight to get that slightly tousled, just a little bit sexy kind of shape.

The Baby Braid

You only have to look at a picture of the star with her regular hair colour to see how much of an impact changing your shade can make. She barely looks like the same girl. This is the Victoria Justice that we know and love – sassy, feminine, and pretty low maintenance actually. You can recreate this style in a matter of minutes, once you’ve got your tresses looking shiny and vital. All you have to do is create a shallow side parting and then add a thin, subtle French side braid. If you’re planning to wear your hair extensions, section off the piece to be braided first, then attach them. That way, you won’t accidentally pull them loose again.

The Parisian Chignon

For a more sophisticated day time look, try a high up chignon or bun like this one. It draws all the hair up and away from the face, so make sure that your smoky eye is on point. The trick is to keep this one feeling loose. The centre parting should be straight, but look almost as if you just rolled out of bed, threw your tresses into a bun, and headed out the door. Avoid using lots of product too, as you want the hair to move naturally. Think ‘lazy weekend in Paris,’ rather than ‘flashbulbs and diamonds’ on the red carpet.

The Half Up, Half Down

There is a more casual version of the ‘cool Euro chick’ vibe and all you have to do is part your hair, instead of wearing it all up in a bun. Secure only the top half in a chignon and let the rest fall loose and natural. This is a great way to wear clip in hair extensions, especially if your own tresses are quite short and you fancy a change. Just make sure to hide the seam well, under a thick enough layer of your own locks. We prefer a gentle side parting with this kind of ‘do, but Victoria Justice seems to be a big fan of parting in the centre and that is pretty glam too.

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