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Hairstyles for the races

It is that time of the year again and Ascot is packed. Whether you agree with horse racing or not, there is something quintessentially British about wearing a race day outfit whilst sipping champagne and eating cucumber finger sandwiches. It allows you to show off a fancy side that you wouldn’t be able to express (other than at the occasional wedding). So today is all about some glamorous and fancy so let’s get started with our step by step race day hair tutorial.



The quick braided bun

This is one that is quick and simple and that is perfect for wearing with a big hat. Start off with adding some gel to your hair and brushing it through to create a wet look. Creating a shallow side part is your next step and then divide your hair into three. You are going to create a standard three-strand braid starting at the nape of your neck. This needs to be straight so if you can manage it ask a friend to help. The next stage is to take one of your three strands and pushing it up to create a ‘bunched up’ look. When this is up near your neck it will resemble a bun. Start to pin into place to your nape are, it looks stunning. If you have a longer section from the ponytail left over, drape it around the top and pin it in place too. You don’t even need hairspray, what a bonus.


The flower power

We are in key flower weather, after all. This look is more for a fascinator than a hat because of the detail at the back. It looks stunning but will take some work so set aside some time to make yourself look beautiful. This look is great with long hair and you will need lots of depth to create the detail at the back so make sure that you have a full head of extensions in. I started a little lower than I normally would so I can get bulk in the ponytail I will create. You guessed it, gather your hair into a low ponytail.     This is simple to make feel a little more glamorous, just get some strands of hair and wrap them around the hair tie. Pin it in the back and it will look flawless. Divide the top third of your ponytail then section this porting into three equal sections. You are going to create a basic three-strand braid with these sections and secure with a clear elastic at the end of your hair. Your braid will ultimately create the detail at the back so pinch the rows of your braid to give them extra volume. You are now going to coil your braid inwards so that it looks like a flower and pin it into place. You can conceal the end of your braid in the middle and even tug on some of the sections a bit more the make some petals fuller than others.





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