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How to get full voluminous hair

They always say the bigger the better. For houses and vacations this is true and, with the 80’s and 90’s being such influences this year, it is true for your hair as well. Today I want to share with you a guide to getting the volume you have always dreamt of for your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is naturally super thin there are tricks to making it look full and lovely so keep reading this step-by-step guide to making your locks look full and luscious.



Step 1: Wash your hair

We are going to start off with newly washed hair. A big tip for making your hair look voluminous is to not condition your roots. You have more natural oils there so you don’t need to add extra conditioning there anyways. Add some heat protecting serum to your locks before you dry your locks as we are going to be using heat.



Step 2: Blow drying

If you want lots of volumes you need to get your hands on around/barrel brush. Take one-inch sections and wrap them around the brush from the roots. Don’t have your hairdryer to full heat as you will probably get more flyaways if it is hot like today, I use cold setting. If it isn’t hot then at least make sure it isn’t on full heat. With your hairdryer facing downward and your bush underneath dry from your roots to your tips. If you want to shape you ends either framing your face or sweeping away from your face, use your barrel brush to help you.


Step 3: Add a little help

Your roots should now have some more oomph but if you are still wanting the mid and ends of your hair to look fuller add a little help. Cliphair’s Remy human hair extensions are a brilliant way to get that consistent volume throughout your mane. Make sure you colour match your hair extensions with your hair and if you want the really thick hair to think about getting double weft full head clip in extensions.


Step 4: Style your locks

This is a well-known styling method, curls. Curls look amazing and because the spirals physically take up space, it makes your hair look like it has more volume. If you want your hair to look bigger, make your curls thinner. Just make sure that all of your curls are away from your face. When your curls are cooled and hair sprayed it is time to take a comb to them and tease them a little. Use your fingers to divide each curl in half and use the comb to gently and subtly lift each of your curls to make them fuller.



Step 5: Use the right products

To finish this look you need the right products. Voluminising spray is perfect for this. All you need to do is spray a little on your roots and curls but don’t use too much as it could be too heavy for your hair.









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