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#hairhacks How To Lace Braid Your Hair

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

For connoisseurs of the braid, it’s always worth spending a little bit of time in front of the mirror if it means mastering a brand new style. Whether it’s a fishtail, a four strand, a waterfall, or a braided crown; they always look elegant and sophisticated. So, if you’re on the hunt for a fresh challenge, it could be time to try a romantic lace braid.

The lace braid has a lot in common with the waterfall braid, with the main difference being that it is easier to put together (and a little more subtle). It’s often worn close to the forehead, in a crown style, but it can be worked into the lengths as well. It’s so pretty and a favourite on red carpets – Kate Hudson and Charlize Theron are big fans.

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to lace braid like a pro and start creating gorgeous, exciting hairstyles.

Step One: Section the Hair

You should start by dividing off the hair that you’re going to be braiding with. As a guide, separate a two inch wide section, from ear to ear, at the front of your hair. Secure the back section in a pony or bun so that it is out of the way until you need it.

Step Two: Start Braiding at an Angle

The braid will stretch from ear to ear, when it’s finished. So, you need to form the three braiding pieces at a slight angle. The furthest from your face should be positioned just above the ear, for example. The remaining two should be on the same level as this one. Use a French braid formation to begin. This means crossing the first section over the second and the third over the first section, as you would for a regular French style.

Step Three: Incorporate the Lace Method

The trick to creating a lace braid is that you only add new sections on one side. In other words, only incorporate new pieces of hair into the braid on the side closest to your face. For the section further away, just keep braiding in a regular French formation – don’t add additional pieces of hair. This can be tricky and fiddly at first, but a little practice works wonders.

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Step Four: Braid around the Forehead

As you’re braiding, don’t forget to position and arrange around the top of your head. The effect that you’re looking for should a visible braid on one side and a French style braid towards the front, which is pretty neat, right? It is called a lace braid, because it creates a kind of gentle ruffle effect like a piece of lace.

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Step Five: Finish the Braid and Secure

Once you’ve reached the end of your braid, secure it tight with an elastic band or a slide tucked behind the ear. Or, for a longer, much more dramatic version, you can add clip in hair extensions and keep the braid going. Depending on how long your hair or hair extensions are, you’ll end up with a super luscious lace braid that can be wound up and pinned on your crown in a braided chignon or bun style.

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