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#Hairhacks How to do a Side Ponytail

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

There was a time when the words ‘side ponytail’ conjured up images of Deb from Napoleon Dynamite, but no longer. For many moons now, the famous names and faces of Tinsel Town have been showing the world that a side on ‘do can be super cool. Whether it’s worn low slung and casual or high and proud on the catwalk, if put together correctly, you just can’t fail with a rocking side pony.

The question is, how do you create the perfect side ponytail? Is it as easy as it looks or is it all a ‘Brangelina’ style illusion of smooth sailing? Well, the good news is that it only takes about 10-15 minutes to construct a perfect ponytail and you can wear yours in any way that you like. The best advice is to match your ‘do to your outfit. That way, you’ll look fiercer than Gigi Hadid at Milan Fashion Week.

This guide to creating the perfect side ponytail will help you get it right first time, every time.

From Day to Night

The side pony is a great day-to-night hairstyle, because it can be roughly put together in minutes. It doesn’t have to look picture perfect, as that rough, rugged appeal is pretty cool too. So, if you’ve been out shopping all day and you’re ready to hit the bars, apply a little texturising spray and draw your tresses into a loose, low side pony. Make sure that the stem rests just below your ear and there are some stray, wispy front sections left free.

As High As Can Be

The very high side pony is not for everybody, but it does make a dramatic style statement. You’ve got to be careful if you want to avoid looking like an eighties throwback, however. To add a contemporary vibe, keep the roots and stem of your pony as smooth and slick as possible. On the other hand, the pony itself can be rough and wild. Take your fingertips and rub styling wax or texturising spray into the hair to introduce more volume.

Romantic and Feminine

For a slightly more toned down side pony, get yourself some long 24 inch hair extensions. Attach them carefully and blend them with your natural tresses. Then, create a dramatic side parting, so that your locks are drawn to one side and you’re left with a neat sideswept fringe. It might take a few attempts at first, because you need to ensure that the seams on the extensions are hidden by your own hair as well. Secure the side pony at the level of your ear and then loosely curl the ends for a bouncy, romantic effect.

The Retro Side Pony

You can also create a bombshell ‘do by combining elements of two side pony styles. First, create your pony by marking out a dramatic side parting. The part should be neat and strong, but the hair itself can be a little messy for this one. Secure the pony at the level of your ear by twisting a section of hair around it, a la regular twisted pony styles. The difference with this do is that, once your pony is secure, you’re going to pull, muss up, and tease the crown so that it starts to look big, bold, and beautiful.

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