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#hairhacks How to Fix Bed Hair Fast

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

If your husband, boyfriend, or lucky lover has ever told you that you look beautiful while you sleep, you might have worried for the health of their eyesight – especially if you’re a curly girl or have unruly, wavy hair. The sentiment is sweet, but you know more than anybody else how quickly a bed head ‘do can turn you from Angelina Jolie into Alice Cooper.

There are all kinds of beauty products that work on the face while you sleep, so there’s got to be a way to get better hair while catching those all-important Zzzs right? Well, the experts at ClipHair are here to help. We’ve got some handy tips and tricks that you can use to keep bed hair at bay and fix follicular flaws fast, so that your mornings always run smoothly.

Don’t Go To Bed with Wet Hair

If you can help it, don’t hit the hay while your hair is still wet from the bath or shower. It’s perfectly okay to wash it before bed – this is actually a great way to make styling in the morning much faster – but get it bone dry afterwards. Follicles are vulnerable when they’re wet, so they’re much more likely to break and split if you lie directly on them as you toss and turn.

For ladies who are in a major rush and don’t have time to dry off first, this is a pretty cool emergency fix. Take an old cotton t-shirt, which is not quite as tough on the hair as a towel, and wrap it around your head in a kind of turban style. Leave it there until morning.

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Brush It Out Before Bed

Just before you get into bed, grab yourself a wide brush, with natural bristles. Start brushing from the roots and move downwards to the ends of the hair, but don’t work too fast or start tugging and pulling; be gentle and slow. This movement is a pretty nifty way to transfer the naturally occurring oils from the scalp down through the lengths of the hair.

Therefore, just brushing in the right way is great for hydration and will keep your locks looking lovely all night and the next day after too. Also, if you tend to load the hair up with different products in the morning, the gradual brushing movement will encourage them to break down faster. They’ll be less likely to build up on the scalp and cause it to become overly greasy.

Give Yourself a Top Knot

Girls who are used to waking up with a nest of tangled hair can draw their tresses up into a top knot before they go to sleep. This will prevent knots and messy spots from forming and it adds a boost of extra volume while you slumber. Just remember to use a scrunchie or a hair band that won’t snag and pull on the follicles (avoid rubber bands).

If you apply a light (non-greasy) texturising spray too, you’ll be amazed at how easily the bed head demons are defeated. You do need to position the top knot quite high on your bed – comically so, perhaps – because, otherwise, you’ll end up with a really uncomfortable hairstyle to sleep in. Place it too low and you’ll end up tossing and turning all night. Also, when you brush it out in the morning, keep your touch light or you’ll lose all of the volume.

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