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Hair Hack: Nature’s Oils for Silky Smooth Hair

Hair Hack: Nature’s Oils for Silky Smooth Hair
Authored By Cliphair Extensions

We all eat oils every single day, for taste and for cooking convenience. Like most things in life there is oil that is good for us and oil that is not so good. Oil is one of nature’s great gifts not just for our body and skin but also for our hair and extensions. Many oils are full of things like proteins, omega 3, vitamin E and fatty acids which are great for moisturising dry locks. Let’s check out some of the best oils for our hair and their uses.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is amazing! If you haven’t cooked with it then you have been missing out. If you a looking for a brilliant ingredient that you can use as a body moisturiser and hair mask. This secret has begun to get out in the last couple of years. It has some incredible benefits including being a great help to dandruff sufferers and acts as great sunscreen for your hair. Is can either be used for styling by using a tiny (big hint with the word tiny) amount and using it like a serum on your hair and extensions. If you are looking for some scalp TLC massage it into your head at night, leave it in your hair and wash it out with your shampoo in the morning.

cliphair-extensions-hair-hack-olive oil

Olive oil

If you have thick hair, olive oil is your best friend. This is particularly great for afro and curly hair as it thicker than coconut oil and gives a deeper condition especially when you are struggling with split ends this baby is incredible at keeping them under control. You can treat you hair with olive oil once or twice a week by heating 2 table spoons for 20 seconds and spread it over your ends or scalp, depending on how dry your hair is you can either leave it on for half and hour or sleep with it in the whole night.


Argan oil

This has been used for centuries as a brilliant beauty oil. It is great as an eye makeup remover and is chock full of protein and omega 3 so it is brilliant both in your food and on your hair. If you have colour treated hair or you have done a lot of backcombing on your extensions this is a great oil to use to sooth brittleness- it is particularly great with hair exposed to too many chemicals and too much heat, so perfect after festival season. This baby is also super easy to build into your normal routine. You shampoo you hair as normal (SLS free if you value your hair) then use this in place of your conditioner. It is phenomenal so leave it on for a couple of minutes so it can do its work then rinse it out. If you have thicker hair apply to your whole head if you have thin hair however, just apply it from the middle of your hair until the ends.


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