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Steal her style Isabelle Warburton

Isabelle has entertained us for weeks on Big Brother and we are so happy that she is the official winner of the season! She has stiff competition with Raph Korine but in the end she won by 30% of the vote. The 21 year old was understandably very delighted with her victory and states “my family are going to be so proud”. Fans have delighted with the win as well dubbing the big brother winner down to earth and kind. This queen of tan’s orange appearance may not be your cup of tea but she does know how to create an amazing hair do. Let’s check some of them out.


Saturday night styling

This style is not one that you would wear every day. This look is turning the heat up to ridiculous levels, We love how Isabelle looks like a blonde Jessica Rabbit. If you want to find the perfect match for your heart shaped dress and manicured eyebrows this is it. Isabelle know how to give her roots that extra pump with this side part and carefully placed extensions to make the ends of her hair so thick. If you want an extra hair hack for making the ends of your hair appear thicker curl them with large loose curls.


Lazy day messy bun

We saw a lot of this look on Big Brother. This is definitely a lazy day look that has become famous. A lazy version of a top knot is the number one style across universities and schools all over the country but is not one you are likely to get away with at work. That is without some spectacular makeup and a cute hair accessory. If you want to rock a day off then keep it simple like Isabelle but if you have not had time to do your hair on the way to work add a headband or fancy ribbon to make it look up market.


Long and sleek

I don’t think we have seen her hair this long in ages. This pre BB look has all the marking of an Isabelle night on the town. This hip long main looks amazing with a little black dress and a centre parting. Serum is your best friend with this style. Don’t be fooled it is simple to create but the straightening causes mayhem to your locks and dreadful fly aways so if you intend on having your picture taken on your night out, use your serum wisely.


Fun party do

If you are going to have an amazingly fun jewellery sticker pattern then you have to pair it with a fun hairstyle. Maisie Williams has fallen in love with this look and has Isabelle has too.  A half up,  half down loose bun look is great for a day of fun or a night of shenanigans.


The instgram ready look

If you want the hottest look on instagram then loo no further than Isabelle’s style here. The centre parting and a low bun is pretty standard. This year we are bringing the 90s style back with a few well placed loose strands framing your face.


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