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Gorgeous boho style tutorial


The bohemian relaxed vibe is something we all love. It is romantic, flowing and perfect for a summer look. These styles are great for day to night looks and it is also great for mid to long hair as well. If you want to get some gorgeous lovely locks, you have come to the right place. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair to show off your style.


Step #1: Preparation

This is a relatively low maintenance hairstyle and it fairly easy to create. You can create the look on newly washed or second-day hair with some dry shampoo in it. This also helps give your roots that extra lift. If you want to make this style look great, you need to make sure your air is lovely and full. Add your Cliphair extensions from your ear level down to add that extra volume.


Step #2: Add some texture

The thing that makes this look stand out is the texture. It is easy to achieve, but make sure that your hair is protected. Add some heat protected serum to your locks before brushing your hair to make sure the product is evenly distributed. Divide your hair into 1-inch sections. Using a medium (1.5 inches) curling wand curl each section in different directions. This helps you gain the most natural looking curls possible. Once you have curled a section pin it up so that they stay in shape. Once all of your curls are cool let them down. Generously add texture spray then run your fingers through your curls and scrunch the ends so that you get that textured look.



Step #3: Add some braids

No boho look would be complete without braids, so now it is time to add them. Today we are going to be using twist braids to create this gorgeous look. Take a medium size section either side of your head. Once you have done this take out any face-framing strands you want left-out. Gather your 2 sections around the back of your head and tie them together with a clear hair tie. Take 2 more sections right below that and tie them on top of the first one. Take the second ponytail and tuck it under the first one. Repeat step 2 more times. You will notice you have a gorgeous set of symmetrical rope braids forming. Once you are happy with the length of your braids tug on the individual sections to give them more volume and bulk. You will end up will a gorgeous twist braid. Add some hairspray to keep the curls lasting longer and you are finished.


Katie O’Connor

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