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Get that look sleek and shiny

When the wind is blowing and we are constantly putting on and taking off wooly hats, we need a style that can go the extra mile. It is amazing that this look was predicted to rock our socks this year and with it being both fashionable and durable, we can see why. The wet look has taken in dozens if variations in the past 20 years. This year it seems it is joining up with some other 2017 hot trends like the extra long hair style and the ultra deep set parted hair. With these trends merged this style is bound to be a winner. Keep reading this step by step guide to achieve your own long, sleek and shiny hairstyle.



This look works best with first day hair so wash and blow dry your locks. For extra protection add some serum evenly so your hair doesn’t get too frizzy. If you are going for the extra long locks look now is the time to add your extensions. Adding them near the front or at the top of your head is a big no no; this slicked back look will make it far to obvious. Adding them to the back of your crown to the nape of your neck is the way to go for locks that look long and luscious.


Part ways

Now it is time to part. The key to this parting is to create a sleek straight line. As the style is all about smoothness is would look totally out of place to have a rough parting. If you want to achieve the perfect parting like Kim Kardashian has here, use a tool. nobody can do this freehand so grab the end of a comb or a ruler if you are desperate and use that as your guide. To gage where to place your deep part use the top of your eyebrow arch as a guide. Follow a straight line from the top of your eyebrow to your hairline and work your way back about 4 inches. You will have a perfect deep part in seconds.


Get slicked back: 

To get the wet look gel is the way to go, you can achieve it will a good hair mousse as well (just as long as it is extra hold). To ensure it doesn’t just look like you have over gelled, comb your product evenly through your hair from root to tip with a fine tooth comb. To get that beautiful swept back look comb slightly upwards at your temples. This highlights your gorgeous cheekbones and makes you look modelleque. For the finishing touches it is super easy. Make your your are happy with how your hair is framing your face, if you aren’t combing it sooner rather than later will easier to mould. Decide what you want to do with your ends. Some people prefer there wet look finished in a minimalist manner and have it long and straight whilst others prefer to put their hair into a low ponytail. They both look great so see what suits your personality and wear your slick hair with pride.


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