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Layered Hair: Everything you Need to Know About this Subtle Trend

layered hair

Nothing can quite give your face an alluring sense of movement more that layered hair, and of course, flatteringly frame your face. But we’ve all seen how a bad layering job can mess up your hair, hence why some of us choose to stay with poker straight hair. However, this year, it’s all about subtle layering; simple but effective.

The trendy take on the good ol’ 70s shag hair-do is ever so chic, soft, and light. Giving your hair more volume, movement, texture and shape (all while making it look easy too). This is an easy style to manage and perfect for anyone wants versatility to their hairstyles or anyone wanting to switch up their hair without committing to the big chop.

What is layered hair?

Layered haircut

Layered hair is a form of haircut designed to reduce weight of your hair to give the illusion of length and volume. The hair is arranged into layers and the hair at the top being cut shorter than the hair beneath

Are there different types of layers for hair?

The type of layering styles available often depend on your own hair. You can have layered haircuts in any style from straight and short layered hair to long layered curls. Layering is therefore suitable for most hair types; though you should consider using hair extensions if you have thin hair, so your hair doesn’t feel or look thinner.

Is layering your hair the same as thinning it?

Layering your hair isn’t the same as thinning it. There are many different forms of layering depending on the style you are going for. Even though layering and thinning are two different cutting techniques they do both take weight out of the hair.

Where would you cut the layers in?

Where and how the hair is layered depends on the style you are trying to achieve. For example, for shaping at the front, layers are graduated in around the face to frame it when usually it is the top section of hair that is layered to add volume.

How do you layer using hair extensions?

layer using hair extensions

To layer using hair extensions, divide the top layer on your hairline and tie it out of the way before creating a braid with the rest of your hair. From that side, curve (creating a backwards C) and add hair from the next row heading back towards the left.

Repeat this process as you continue all the way to the nape of your neck and tie and pin left over strands back into place. You have now essentially created shelves to clip in your human hair extensions onto that won’t make the ends look like they don’t match. Untie to top layer and brush to blend. 

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