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French knot braid tutorial

It is no secret that I love braids, they are brilliant on first and second-day hair and with every hair type. Braids are also particularly helpful this time of year with so many of you going away on holiday, they keep your hair looks hot even on a flight. Today I am going to show you a style that is no often seen but looks so pretty, the french knot braid. This look isn’t complicated but looks lovely and can be finished with a bun or just left loose. So if you want to learn how to create this French knot braided look keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and tag Cliphair on Instagram when you are rocking this look.



I like this style with a little texture so I prefer to try it on second-day hair with dry shampoo at the roots to add a little volume. A great tip for using dry shampoo is to put it in the evening before and sleep with it in your hair. This will allow it to fully attack to your strands of hair and when you wake up there won’t be horrible white powder. Once you have your dry shampoo sorted it is time to add your hair extensions if they are not in already. This look works brilliantly with layers so if you have hair extensions with different lengths that is fab.



Turn up the heat

I do use heated tools on my hair so before I use them to add some heat protecting serum to your locks, particularly the ends and brush the product through your hair so that it is distributed evenly. Now you have your protection it is time to whip out your curling iron. I love mixing waves with braids so use the widest section of your curler and curl your hair in two-inch sections. Pin the curls whilst they cool and lightly spritz your hair with hairspray. Once your curls are cool, let your curls down and gently run your finger through them so they become waves.



Time to braid

Now you have your hair lovely and curled create a shallow side part because we are ready to start braiding. If you feel like you are rubbish at braiding this is the style for your because it isn’t actually a braid at all. It is a series of knots that together look like a braid. We are going to start this on the smaller side of your part and separate your hair from your part down to your temples. You might want to pin the rest of your hair out of the way for now. Starting at your hairline divide your hair in half and loop the bottom half around and through the loop to create a knot. Pull it so it is a bit tighter then get another one-inch section, incorporating the top half from the previous section, loop the bottom half around this section as well and form another knot. Repeat this all the way around the back and pin to secure before you repeat on the other side.







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