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How to fix your hair after a festival

How to fix your hair after a festival
Authored By Katie O' Connor

I am so excited (and a little bit jealous) that all of my friends seem to be jumping in cars and hopping on planes to festivals not only around the UK but all over Europe. There is so much to do and see at festivals and camping with all of its ups and downs is part of the fun. We love stories to tell people but in an odd way, we also love that we don’t have to wash and eat at the same time or way as we normally do. Unfortunately, this means no proper hair washing. Today I want to talk to you about what your festival life does to your hair and all the dirt about a great routine to adopt when you get back so your hair looks fab (without any of the dirty).

Why festivals can be a good thing
I am such a fan of not washing your hair every day. It is brilliant for your hair’s health and saves time in the mornings but it does add to the product build-up problem. We use products for so many things, we spritz, hold, scrunch and smooth to get our final looks. Ads on tv may make us believe that this will leave us with flawless locks but this isn’t always the case. So whilst not washing your hair each morning may have its pluses think of using less product during your festival break (plus it means you won’t have to pack as much). When you get back home you should help get rid of your grease, grime and build up in your hair and your extensions with:





Apple cider vinegar
I love this because it is natural and works well without any need for fancy ads. You can usually pick this up quite cheaply and will last you forever. You are going to use it after you have used your shampoo and conditioner. Apple cider vinegar is super strong so you only need one tablespoon of it. Mix it with one cup of water then massage it through your hair and rinse out. This is also great to use on your hair extensions.




Baking soda
This one has been used in everything from your cooking to homemade toothpaste so it makes sense that it would help you sort out your locks. Put just one tablespoon of baking soda into a pot with your regular amount of shampoo and stir thoroughly. Once your hair is wet and the shampoo and baking soda is blended really massage it into your roots and any spots where you have a tricky knot to get out.



Intensive masks/ clarifying shampoo
Not all products are the same, this couldn’t be more true for shampoos. Particularly if you are out in this heat all festival/ weekend. Your hair will often have a lot of salt buildup from your sweat (gross I know) so you need to get deep treatments and shampoo that will get rid of all of it. Don’t overuse clarifying shampoo but once every 4 weeks is perfect.


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