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Easy milkmaid braid

Authored By Katie O' Connor

Milkmaid braid is amazingly cute, stylish and easy to do. This is one of my favourite weekend looks and I have heard so many compliments from people when I wear them but everyone assumes they are hard to do. Not true at all. This style is super simple and works with any hair type or length. If you want to add a different colour section through or have a really thick braid then, by all means, add your hair extensions. It isn’t meant to be perfect so a little mess is good. Today I want to share with you how to get a Pinterest worthy milkmaid braid to rock yourself.


Do you need lots of prep?
This is one of the questions I often get and it seems that the more prep a style requires, the more off-putting it is. So I will help you out. This doesn’t require curling or any heat at all. It doesn’t even require that you have newly washed hair. The one thing I would say is a must is to make sure you don’t have too much hair serum in as this can make it significantly harder to get a tight weave on your braids. If you do have too much in dry shampoo or a little texture spray are your best friends.




Bulk up
Divide the back section of your hair vertically in half. This is how you will start your braids but I don’t see the point in having lacklustre, as I am sure neither do you. To give your hair that wow factor that we love to see on Pinterest is the hair extensions. It doesn’t matter if you want to try tape in hair extensions or are in love with your clip-ins this look will benefit from the added bulk and length. Attach your extensions (particularly clip-ins) with your hair divided so you know what will and will not be seen.




Add your accessories
This style looks incredible in itself but looks even better with a satin scarf. These a super easy to get online or in a lot of stores. I often find scarves that are 100% cotton so they are both animal-friendly and aren’t slippery so are easy to weave into your style. Once you have the scarf find the middle and pin it at the back near your parting.





Start your braid
These braids are basic three strand braids but the third strand isn’t your hair. Divide the right half of your hair into two. Take the scarf and cross it over the closest half as if it were the middle section then the left section over the scarf. This will have formed the first row of your three strand braid so continue it to the end then repeat with the other half of your hair. Once you have secured both braids with clear hair ties you can pinch them to make sure your braids are lovely and thick.





Finish the look
To create the style put your finger at the top of your braid and fold your braid upwards. Pin your braids in place so they are laying flat. If you have some scarf left over you can make a lovely bow.





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