At Cliphair you can find a wide variety of Clip In Hair Extensions to suit any hair type and resolve any hair concern. Our unmatched advice team run by industry experts are on hand to help you find your perfect set as well as our dedicated blogs that explain and compare our products so that you can easily make your choice. In todays blog we compare and list the pros and cons of two of our most loved clip in human hair extensions sets: the Double Weft Full Head and the Classic Full Head. 

1. What Is The Classic Full Head? (back to index)

The Classic Full Head Clip-In Set consists of 8 different sized wefts that can be placed around the head by attaching the clips to add volume. The wefts are made from single drawn, Remy, human hair with a super slim threaded seam that remains invisible in even the finest of hair types. In total the set weighs 130g just under the standard full head amount which is why its perfect for thinner haired customers as its lightweight and gentle. As one of our most popular items you can find this set available in almost all of our 60 shades and in 16, 18 and 20” lengths. This set isn’t suitable for adding length to the hair, it should only be used to add a natural amount of thickness to finer hair, for lengthening products see “Double Weft” or “Ultra-Volume”.  For more information click our dedicated blog "what extensions are best for thin/fine hair.

2. What Does Double Weft Mean? (back to index)

The Double Weft Full Head has the same composition as the Classic Full Head however the clip-in pieces are made from 2 wefts sewn together instead of one. The wefts are finished with a neat lace seam that holds the hair together whilst concealing the clips. The full set weighs between 180g-220g depending on which length is chosen and as our most popular product its available in all 60+ colours in our range. Double Weft Hair Extensions are all-rounder products suitable for most hair types apart from extremely thin or thick hair, it can be used to add both length and volume to average thickness hair.

3. Classic Full Head: Pros & Cons (back to index)


  • Lightweight – safe to use on thin and fine hair
  • Super thin seam – discreet in even the finest of hair
  • Great for adding natural amounts of volume
  • 8 pieces – good for up-dos


  • Not thick enough to add length
  • Not suitable for thick hair

4. Double Weft Full Head: Pros & Cons (back to index)


  • All-rounder – Suitable for almost all hair types
  • Available in full range of 60 colours
  • Comfortable lace seam lays flat to head
  • Adds length and volume
  • 8 pieces – good for up-dos


  • Not suitable for extremely thick or extremely thin hair

5. How To Clip In Hair Extensions? (back to index)

Using clip in hair extensions is very easy once you get the hang of it and they require zero help from a professional. Simply tease the roots of your section of hair and clip the silicone lined metal clips to that area, cover with your own natural hair and you have longer, thicker hair In a matter of minutes. For a more in-depth explanation check out our blog “How to look after hair extensions”

6. How Many Wefts Is A Full Head? (back to index)

Each set has 8 wefts but it’s the weight of the wefts that determines the amount needed. A standard full head of hair extensions tends to be between 150-250 grams. Our Classic Full Head sits just below this which is why its only suitable for adding volume rather than length. The Double Weft Full Head is 180-220 grams which is enough to create a full head transformation.

7. What’s The Difference Between A Single And Double Weft? (back to index)

A single weft is made from one strip of hair, a double is made from two wefts neatly sewn together. Single wefts are better for thinner hair as they are more lightweight and discreet, double wefts are slightly bulkier which is harder to hide.

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