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Back to school easy styles to create with ponytail extensions

All over the country, women are getting their pens, notepads, and style ready for a brand new school year. Whether you are dreading the year to come or are excited to get back together with your friends to chat about holiday romance new hairstyles will definitely get tongues wagging. We know that a lot of workplaces and schools get very strict about colour and loose hair so we are helping you out by showing you some incredible ponytail extension styles that are easy, won’t get you in trouble and will look amazing. Ponytail extensions are one of the best hair styling aids and help you get the most impact for the least about of effort allowing you to dye and style them in dozens of ways. Some of these styles are perfect for an everyday ponytail look whilst others are perfect if you are trying to get the attention of someone special. Keep reading these step by step guides of a few of these do’s to create your awesome styles.




The centre parted ponytail

If you are a Kim Kardashian fan then you will know that the classic centre parted ponytail is one of her favourite styles and I love it too. If you have layered hair like me or are growing out your fringe this style is great and will frame and slim your face. Remember to add your hair serum before you create a centre parting and tie your hair back. If you want the Kardshian glamour attach your ponytail extension. A quick hair hack is to backcomb you own ponytail underneath the hair extension for even more body.




Cornrows Ponytail

If you want to look as stunning as Cara steal her style going back to school and try a ponytail with your tucked in cornrow braids. This is an easy way to turn an ordinary style into something special. It is best shown off with a high ponytail. You can braid them all at the top of your head and have some on the sides, both variations look great. The key thing to remember with this style is to make your braids tight and close to your skull. They are not meant to be big but intricate. This style looks great with a messy ponytail so you can tease your ponytail gently with your fingers and finish your style by scrunch in some mousse to hold.




Become a unicorn

This style has been brilliant over the summer as a half up do with glitter but it is brilliant as a school look in a full ponytail. If you are a fan of a nice low ponytail then this is a nice way to spice it up. Start with a thick Dutch braid formed like a mohawk down to the nape of your neck. Tie it up and gently tug on the sections of your braid before clipping on your ponytail extensions. Your braid will elevate your style and it is so easy. Double win.


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