Oh, the beauty and shenanigans of parenting! Being a mum goes way beyond giving birth to someone, and everyone’s experience is different. Whether you’ve been raised by a biological mum, an adoptive mum, a non-binary mum, or if you have two mums! Then you know what I’m talking about.

Mother’s day is all about celebrating mothers and what they did and do for us, but not only: for some of us, it is a day to remember a mother that is no longer with us, or that lives far, far away from where we are located.

If you’re lucky enough to have your mum close, then there’s a few ideas that you can try together - or things you can do for her - to say a massive “thank you!” for how amazing she is. Undecided on what to get for Mother’s Day? Let’s go and explore a short list of five ideas for Mother’s Day to make your mum happy and feel extra special!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: A Bouquet Of Flowers (back to index)

Let’s start with the basics: if your mother is the romantic type, then getting a huge, beautiful bouquet full of blossoms and petals will certainly leave her speechless. We’re talking big, beautiful, colorful flowers that will become a catalyst for attention in her living room, to remind her guests of how loved she is. Perhaps a bit of a show-off, but hey - that’s what she deserves for being such a thoughtful mother. To build the perfect bouquet, although there are no rules, take in consideration carnations as they are one of the most popular Mother’s Day ideas. In fact, the pink carnation specifically represents a mother’s love. White, which symbolises pure, unconditional love and good luck, is also a good choice.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: A Personalised Gift (back to index)

This is a safe option for a lot of presents, not exclusive to Mother’s Day. Personalised mother’s day gifts usually include a range of generic presents (mugs, keychains, pillows, and such) where you can print or sometimes engrave a name, a message, or a photo.

If you don’t mind seeing your own face on her bed or in the living room every time you go and visit, perhaps a photo of you and mama together printed on a small pillow will work.

If you want to go extra, you could potentially look into customised jewellery - like a necklace with personalised charms or with a laser incision with a short love message for her, or simply her name. If you’re acting last minute, most of the websites offer a quick next-day-delivery for forgetful individuals and save Mothering Sunday.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: New Hair (back to index)

You may think your mom would never wear hair extensions, but trust the process. First of all, she’s probably seen how lovely you look with them on. Secondly, let’s be honest: how many mums have the time and energy to take care of their hair properly? Therefore, it’s not surprising that sometimes you see her ends thinning, or her mane lacking volume. Frequent trips to the hairdresser sound like a novelty to your mum, and she needs a quick fix to shine bright as she deserves! Clip-in hair extensions are among the most popular pampering Mother’s Day gifts, and there’s a reason behind that. Quick and easy to apply, they instantly change the way hair looks, with boosted volume and length. She can pop them on and proceed with her regular styling - no hassle, extra fabulous. What else?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Skincare (back to index)

Let’s dwell in the beauty industry a little bit longer, shall we? Mums are always on the go, or always too tired to stop and check what’s going on on the shelves of their local Boots, let alone on the internet. But skincare keeps on changing and evolving, and nowadays there are so many inclusive options, that her complaints about that one particular wrinkle, or spots on her hands, or the dull skin on her neck can be easily addressed. Go out on a mother and child day to try a new coloured cream to swap with her foundation, or that super-light hyaluronic gel everyone is talking about!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Books (back to index)

Sometimes, the perfect mother’s day gift is not hiding between personalised gift sets or on the shelves of a cosmetics shop but it’s quietly sitting on a table in the window of a big Waterstones. From the good old classics to some new fiction recently landed on the shelves, the possibilities are countless. If you’re unsure about what your mum’s literary taste might include, consider a cookbook from her favourite restaurant or coffee shop, or maybe a foreign cuisine recipes collection for when she’s feeling experimental in the kitchen. Or why not, a book about (or even better, a biography) her favourite public figure, actor or musician. Last but not least, is your mum willing to take on a new skill? If so, you could also opt for a coursebook for her to learn a new language, a form of art or - if you happen to have a techie mum - even coding on a computer.

Conclusion: (back to index)

There are only a few of the many ideas you could explore with or for you mum on her special day. From an experiences like alpaca trekking in Kent, Quad Bike driving, sailing on a real tallship ashore of the Jurassic Coast in Dorset or a tour across the Highlands, to pampering spa days, wine tasting tours, pottery classes or even bungee jumping - the choice is yours, and the possibilities are countless. Happy Mother’s Day!

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