Ready to show off your latest hair creation? Spring is in the hair, and as the sky gets brighter and the temperature rises, the temptation of getting a new hairstyle and wrapping yourself in a gorgeous new outfit for the season is strong. I get it, after all, I’m a bit of a shopaholic myself. If you’re considering getting a new haircut or new hair colour, consider these formidable combos for your reveal – ideal for a night out with the girls, a business lunch, brunch with your bestie, formal events, a romantic date... You name it!

The Casual Bun

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Spring time means more going out, more time in the first, warm sun of the year, and more “from the office to the pub” without going home and changing first; this points at one thing in particular, aka finding the perfect hairstyle that is equally smart, versatile and cute. This hairstyle keeps your hair away from your face, meaning that you will have a lot of freedom to show off gorgeous makeup and accessories such as a pair of beautiful earrings. You could also look into pumping it up with clip in hair extensions for more volume and thickness! Fashion in spring is still pushing cute blazers for this uncertain weather, so think of wearing one in a spring colour such as green, blue or pink – or even neutral shades, if that’s where you’re at! – paired with comfy trousers and jumbo sneakers or a pair of heels, depending on your habits. Gorgeous updos like this one make room for cutesy accessories such as a colourful scarf, too.

The Snake Braid

For those who prefer to wear their hair down but don’t want to miss out on a cute twist on the classic straight hair look: how about a trendy snake braid? This hairstyle can be seen everywhere on social media feeds right now, and it’s easy to see why: the look is simple and clean, but with a boho accent to it that makes it an irresistible spring trend. Boosting the look with hair extensions makes sure you’re not missing out on volume and length even by braiding portions of your hair, and it’s so easy to recreate that pretty much anyone can give it a shot. For the look, yes to denim jackets and flowery prints to enhance the blossoming vibe of spring; an explosion of colours with dominant Valentino pink and baby blue will keep you fashionable with the natural vibrancy of these shades for a night out. If you’re feeling brave, opt for midi-length dresses too, as long hairstyles effortlessly flatter this type of look. If you’re experimenting with Y2K fashion, express your creativity with maximalism around your wrists in the form of bangles and bracelets of all sorts!

How To Braid With Hair Extensions

When wearing human hair extensions, braids are a fun way to show off you new tresses whilst also achieving a flawless blend. You can either opt for braided accents, or go for a full, thick plait. There are multiple ways to braid your hair with hair extensions, and wearing a braid (or more than one) can be an amazing way to keep your strands protected whilst looking undoubtedly trendy. Simply add your clip in hair extensions to your mane as you normally would – by creating neat, horizontal sections for precise application – then start plaiting away according to the hairstyle you’ve chosen! If you’d like to wear a high, long classic plait instead, you may want to opt for a Wrap Around Clip In Ponytail hair extensions set, which makes things even easier for those looking to recreate the popular Lara Croft hairdo.

The Claw Clip Hairstyle

Did you think for a moment that claw clip hairstyles were to stay in 2022? Well, let me tell you, you were wrong. If you remember wearing a claw clip back in the day as a teenager, first of all: did you put your retinol cream on last night? Jokes on a side, this beloved 90s hair accessory had its raging comeback last year, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. The fair weather means that we can finally put our hair up with a good excuse this time, and what better way to do it if not with a cute claw clip? I have written more about this useful and trendy accessory in our dedicated blog: Thursday Hair 101: How To Put Your Hair In A Claw Clip, where you can find some inspiration for more claw clip hairstyles. Outfit ideas: floral prints and sleeveless dresses are perfect to let your hair lay long and flowy in a gorgeous half-up hairstyle, but also to enhance your neck and shoulders if you decide to go with a full claw clip updo hairstyle. Preppy outfits with cable knit jumpers for a cold evening and an elegant blazer for your nights out are all the rage now, and a peppy claw clip half-up is the ideal hairdo to spice things up and still look like a bag of money.

The Mini Twist Braids

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This cute hairstyle brings you the best of both worlds, and has a cute and playful vibe to it. If you decided to give yourself a 90s-inspired midi cut at some point this year, then adding these adorable accents to your hairstyle will give you the ultimate Y2K energy for a spring full of shenanigans. Use products such as double weft hair extensions to pump things up in the hair area, and add these gorgeous details for a trendy finish! Outfit idea: a denim miniskirt and a cut-out jumper are the perfect way to look flawless for a day of shopping with your friends, potentially ending with one or two of your favourite drinks. Adding texture to your hairstyle with soft waves will keep your hair bouncy and rich in movement, the perfect option for a spring outfit. Yes to baggy jeans or, if you’re feeling brave, to experiment with the return of low-rise jeans for a naughty noughties vibe. Tank top + cargo trousers are the vibe for a warm day out, as seen on the Coperni catwalk, with large pockets on your hips to flatter an hourglass figure. For a night out, feel free to experiment with butterfly tops and flared trousers: you can complete the outfit with platform boots to transform yourself in the ultimate baddie sensation.

The Wavy High Ponytail

The high ponytail has been everywhere, and guess what? Yes, it’s still holding us all in a chokehold. There is no way I can demonise this hairstyle, as it’s universally flattering and brings attention to your facial features and a colourful outfit in no time. People with shorter hair or that don’t have enough volume in their tresses can count on clip in ponytail hair extensions, that are practically impossible to tell from natural hair, and can also be used to add highlights or a dash of colour to your mane. Human hair extensions can be curled and styled as you would with your own hair, meaning that you can use this unmissable accessory to recreate this gorgeous hairstyle in the comfort of your own home in less than 5 minutes. For your spring outfit, statement crop tops and flared jeans are the perfect combo for a lunch date, brunch with your friends or a day out; think of a trendy puffer jacket if the weather is uncertain or if the sky is looking grey-ish. For a night out, maxi dresses and minimal accessories such as a pochette will allow this gorgeous hairstyle to be your statement piece, and give you that flawless rich California aesthetic. 

How To Do A Ponytail With Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Ponytails can be recreated either with the Clip In Ponytail hair extensions or by using clip ins or professional hair extensions. Depending on what you’ve chosen as your go-to hair makeover, there are many ponytail hair extensions hairstyles that you can recreate. Ponytails are also a valid and popular option for glamorous and elegant occasions, such as formal dinners, work events, and even weddings! 

The Headband Hairstyle

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The up and coming wave of interest in 70s and hippie-inspired hairstyles is spiking, and with it we’re seeing a lot of headband hairstyles going viral on TikTok. Long, luscious lengths go a long way – you can easily achieve them with the aid of tape in hair extensions, for example – and braided tendrils make the perfect accent to top it all off. For an outfit idea think of flower-power prints, retro colour palettes with dominant shades of brown, orange, beige and green, or bright pink; hoop earrings are the ideal jewellery to get that Instagram diva look. British brand Hippie Shake is the perfect place to shop anything 70s inspired and get tons of ideas for both outfits and hairstyles belonging to the colourful funky era. Platform boots and sandals are equally valid options for footwear this season; crop tops and statement belts, maxi-flared jeans, trendy vests and maximalist bracelets and bangles on your wrists to achieve the ultimate Woodstock aesthetic. Bandeau tops are also really good if the weather allows it. Denim jackets but also fringes and cowgirl vibes are to dominate the scene during warmer days.

The Bubble Braid

Just like the high ponytail, the bubble braid is a valid option for those who’d like to add a touch of spice to their look in a fierce yet super elegant way. Millennials will remember Fergie from Black Eyed Peas as the queen of the bubble braid hairstyle, and if you’d like to achieve the same baddie vibe, then look no further than the wrap around ponytail hair extensions set to make this hairstyle yours. Outfit ideas are extremely versatile, depending on the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve: from a loose button-down and baggy jeans for a casual look, to cargo pants and spaghetti-strap tops to live your early 00s dream. Maxi dresses will get the job done, both for a day out or a fancy evening date. Oversized shirts and leather trousers are another classic look that is spreading widely, thanks to the looks served by Peter Do and featured in Vogue magazine. Choose faux leather for an eco-friendly fashion pick, and opt for a high-shine finish and strong seams to balance the simple top with a bold, edgy bottom piece.

The Return Of Bangs

Thanks to the 70s revival and inspired by some celebrity looks such as Bella Hadid’s, full bangs are back. Now, you can go either full Cher with a blunt fringe that has a glamorously retro flavour, or keep things more modern and edgy as seen on superstars like Zendaya, and go for choppy bangs that will keep everyone on their toes. No matter what your preference is, there’s a way for you to achieve this look without committing to a new haircut: clip in bangs. Outfit ideas include everything 70s, such as ethereal maxi gowns and long dresses to channel your inner Stevie Nicks vibes and get a whimsical, fae-like aesthetic, or halter-neck tops and jeans (either baggy, bootcut or flared) to make the most out of Y2K energy. Take it from Max Mara: cropped t-shirts and long skirts are the ideal choices to recreate an elegant 90s look; find the perfect accessory among a range of sunglasses and claw clips to complete the outfit and make yourself look like a 90s vamp, ready for the red carpet. 

The Half-Up, Half-Down Spiky Hairstyle

This trendy, fresh haircut from the depth of TikTok caught my eye almost instantly. It’s a modern, feminine and soft take on the classic spiky bun look that held everyone in a chokehold not too long ago, now with a new twist. People with fine hair may struggle in keeping things plump and voluminous in their hair with a half-up hairstyle, and here’s where a luxury accessory such as Seamless hair extensions would come into play and keep you fabulous even when half of your hair is tied up in a sleek model-off-duty bun. Half-up, half-down hairstyles naturally draw attention to the shoulders and given the Y2K ongoing raging vibe, opt for halter-neck tops and off-the-shoulder garments with minimalistic jewellery. This hairstyle is perfect for those who love the vanilla girl aesthetic, the trendy coquette-inspired fashion style born on social media. Learn more about this in our dedicated blog: The Vanilla Girl Aesthetic Will Dominate 2023.

Bohemian Half Up

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This is an amazing half-up style that is great to rock to a weekend barbecue, a backyard wedding, or even just brunching with your friends in a city centre location. Whatever your idea of “getting some time off” is, do it in style with this trendy hairstyle idea! To make it yours, start by loosely curling your hair and hair extensions away from your face.

Create a centre parting, and gather the hair at the back of your crown. For more volume, you could also tease/backcomb the hair at the back of your head. 

Then, it’s time to add some braided accents here and there – for an extra chic effect, you could look into adding some accessories such as hair jewellery, flowers, or even a few coloured streaks.

How To Do Half Up Half Down With Extensions

Can’t decide if you want your hair up or down? Well, why not get the best of both worlds? When wearing products such as Ultra Volume hair extensions or Double Weft hair extensions you can easily put half of your hair up without losing any thickness and volume on the rest of your tresses. The process of fitting your hair extensions in your tresses with a half-up is the same as you normally would wear them without styling a section on the upper level – some people choose to use less wefts for a less bulky finish. You do you!

Shaggy bun

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When spring is knocking at your door, the shaggy bun appears on the menu. This is the perfect hairstyle for those who like the relaxed appearance of a messy bun, with an even more laid-back finish thanks to enhanced texture. If your hair doesn't have the necessary amount of tousle and movement, you can always spice things up by using a texturising spray such as sea-salt spray, or even by curling your hair beforehand. Using a waver is also a popular option! Make sure you leave enough tendrils out to make it look as shaggy as possible. This hairstyle works particularly well with layered haircuts and hair extensions. If you'd like to add layers to your mane, take a look at our dedicated blog: How To Layer Hair Extensions so that you know what to ask your stylist! 

Hollywood Waves

Got a formal event in sight for spring? As spring is in the hair – oops, air! – you may find yourself getting invited to weddings and the first round of fancy outdoor gatherings. For these elegant occasions, you may want to show off your tresses in a glamorous way. So why not opt for Hollywood Waves? As seen on celebrities such as Jessica Chastain, this gorgeous hairstyle brings you all the fancy aura of vintage divas and the shine and precision of modern hairstyling. Adding Remy hair extensions to your mane will gift you all the volume and thickness you’ll need to stun your audience! In most cases, you will need a skilled hair professional to help you with the styling – so make sure you book your salon appointment on time..

The Bob

Short, cheekbone-grazing 90s bobs are back, and it’s easy to see how this type of hairstyle will be a light in the darkness for people who love short hairdos. Whilst we have Lourdes Leon and her long, flowy tresses on a side, other people serve as inspiration for those who like to keep their hair short and peppy, without missing out on class. If you belong right in the middle, clip in hair extensions are the perfect tool for you to hop from long to short and vice versa, whenever you’d like. Emma Chamberlain and Jenna Ortega are two examples of how a textured, chin-length bob can work wonders and get you that lived-in, trendy and tousled look.

Slicked-Back Hair

PVC, metal and latex are proliferating and flooding both runways and high-street retailers. Gen Z is revisiting old 90s and Y2K cybergoth/cyberpunk fashion and calling it “techwear”, and these type of outfits can only work with a sufficiently avant-garde hairstyle. Slicked-back hairdos and braided ponytails are the top choice for those who’d like to experiment with this type of alt-fashion, inspired by the 1999’s masterpiece The Matrix and similar post-apocalyptic colossal flicks. Slicked-back hairstyles are easily achievable even if you wear nano ring hair extensions, as they will hide in your natural hair in a super discreet way. Make sure you don’t pull nor tug on your hair too much whilst styling it!

Wet Look

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Wet-looking hair goes really well with the aforementioned hairstyles, and it’s easy to see why. As seen on queen Bella Hadid herself during the Victoria Beckham’s show, the wet look hair is everywhere right now. This type of hair styling technique works better on shorter hair, therefore it might be better to leave your clip ins on a side when you decide to give it a try. The wet look will make your tresses look gently tousled unless you straighten it first, so take note of this before experimenting. Damp-looking, shiny hair in the wet look is usually accompanied by hydration-focused minimal makeup with a bold feature such as red lipstick or heavy-duty winged eyeliner.

70s Shag

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As 70s hairstyles are back, the shag makes a grand comeback – revisited in a slightly modern key. Layers and structure are two major characteristics of this haircut, and can be rocked both by curly-haired, wavy-haired or straight-haired beauties alike. Two celebrities that have already been seduced by this hairstyle in the past are Miley Cyrus and Zendaya, who have both adopted it although in two different forms. Inspired by Stevie Nicks and her ethereal, whimsical look and iconic stage presence, the shag haircut can easily be achieved with the aid of hair extensions to add precious length and volume.

Side Part

Following the Y2K renaissance movement, the side part is still going strong on the runways – both on short and long hair. You can try and make the side part yours if you aren’t already, and if your hair doesn’t naturally comply you could try and train it to stay where you want it to stay. Find out more about how to part your hair in our dedicated blog: Parting Ways: A Complete Guide On How To Part Your Hair.

The side part is a great way to achieve retro-feeling hairstyles inspired by the 00s and 90s, and can be worn on a trendy bob or to boost a long and voluptuous look such as in the case of a big bouncy blowout or Hollywood waves.


@facundoverdini ♬ sonido original - Facundo Verdini

Remember Rhianna’s iconic mullet? You may have loved it way more than its original version, born around the early 80s. As we are circling back to the previous decades to borrow hairstyles and fashion pieces for the new 20s, it was only a matter of time before the mullet was re-discovered by some beauty scavenger. The mullet nowadays has so many different versions to it that you can surely find one that is right for you. Long and layered with boosted volume and thickness, or its skinnier cousin – the skullet – this layered haircut will surely see a major growth in popularity now that a brighter season approaches.

Spring Hair Colors

Pink Hair

Pink has a calming, relaxing effect on those who look at it – and it’s only natural that with the blossoming of gorgeous spring flowers everywhere, including the ever-famous blushing Cherry blooms, pink is a colour heavily associated with springtime. Pink hair was already seeing an unexpected comeback, and you can count on spotting lots of pink-haired individuals on your next night out, once the weather gets better. Pink hair extensions can be added to your hair in the form of a delicate, subtle balayage; you can go full-pastel colour and dye your whole mane pink, or again you can add pink hair extensions to your hairdo to achieve bedazzling flashes of colour in contrast with your natural tresses. 

Jet Black Hair

Jet black is having a moment, probably thanks to the avant-garde and cybergoth-inspired fashion that has been taking over among younger audiences. Even though it’s such an intense, deep colour, jet-black looks awesome on people of any age and is universally appreciated, regardless of one’s skin undertone or hair type and texture. Black dye is chock-full of pigmentation that will make your tresses feel plump and thicker, but beware: jet-black isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’re not too sure about dyeing your hair black, read more about it in our dedicated blog: 15 Things To Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair Black. If this is your colour of choice, grab jet black hair extensions to achieve the ultimate femme-fatale look!

Mushroom Brown Hair

Ash colours seem to be having a moment, and although ash blondes are a popular choice for those who have been blessed with lighter hair, brunettes can hop on the trendy, ashy train too. The latest craze for brown hair is a dense, dazzling and whimsical shade commonly known as Mushroom Brown. Channel your inner fae and achieve the gorgeous, ethereal combinations that you can obtain by mixing and matching with mushroom brown! From grey balayage to silver ombre hair on a mushroom brown base, the possibilities are endless. I have talked more in detail about this trendy hair colour in our dedicated blog: The Mushroom Brown Hair Colour Trend That Everyone Is Obsessed With.

Blonde Highlights

There’s nothing better than a fresh set of highlights when the temperatures start to rise – and in preparation for your next best summer hairstyle, why not get a full head of highlights for spring? This can either be done with a sophisticated bleach job, or… by adding balayage hair extensions! Gently sun-kissed and designed with a natural finish in mind, this type of Remy hair extensions will add a touch of light in your tresses with zero damage, for a finish that is rich in body and movement. Explore our collection of balayage and mixed shades hair extensions to enhance your appearance!

Vibrant Red Hair Color

Whether you’re going for a flashy red, a subtle and elegant cherry red, or natural shades – not to mention the popular cowgirl copper hair colour – red tresses will never be not alluring! Cliphair takes pride in having one of the (if not the) largest selection of red hair extensions, so why not come and explore it to find your next red?


Found your spring hair inspiration? Come and check out our collection of clip in hair extensions to achieve countless transformations, or show our selection of professional hair extensions to your stylist for a consultation and get yourself a makeover that will last for weeks. Make this a spring to remember!

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