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3 great way to hide your regrowth

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Now it is no secret that I spent years dying my locks and from time to time I still like to try different temporary hair dyes. The one thing I do not miss is regrowth, particularly for those of your with darker coloured hair, regrowth can be hard to hide and feel like it comes far too often. So if you are getting caught out in between in between hair dying sessions, how can you hide it? Well, styling it is a great way to go so that is what this blog is all about. If you are looking for great ways to hide your regrowth, I have 3 for you. Once you have finished with your look #wearcliphair to show them off.


Option number 1: Embrace accessories

Accessories are not just a great way of showing off how great your hairstyling is or being the cherry on the cake of a fantastic outfit. They are also great to hide regrowth. This can change season all and depend on how you have styled your hair. But some of my favourites include scarves, beanies and hats.

Scarves are fantastic, particularly satin scarves, to make your outfit look great. Keep your hair out of your face and hide the regrowth on top of your head. As it is cool outside beanies are an easy way to hide your roots if you are going out, this doesn’t work so well in a club but out and about it is perfect.


Option number 2: Add some volume to your locks

Adding some extra volume to your locks not only makes your hair look incredible it is also great for hiding your regrowth. This is perfect if you have waves and at any length. The other thing that will really help cover up that root to dyed hair colour is your Cliphair extensions. These beauties are great all of the time but by having them close to your roots through it will may your root to dye colour look more blended and will make you seem like you have less regrowth in general.

Wearing your hair down is definitely the best way to hight your roots things like buns. Anything that involves dividing your hair into multiple sections will just draw attention to your roots. So I would avoid these styles until you re-dye your hair


Option number 3: Make it disappear

Ok so we do not have a magic spell but we do definitely have a few tricks up our sleeves to hide your regrowth. The biggest and most effective short term solution is to hide your regrowth using dry shampoo. This baby is not just great for those in between washing your hair days. Dry shampoo does not just come in one shade of colour. If you only have the regular white tinged dry shampoo it.  It is easy for you to change the colour by adding spices. It sounds weird but really works, try cinnamon and cocoa.


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