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Cliphair’s Pre Bonded Hair Extensions with Keratin

On occasion the oldest method remains the best method, and Pre Bonded hair extensions might be perfect for anyone looking for longer lasting, versatile hair extensions. Read more

Popular among hair extension professionals, keratin bond hair extensions are long-lasting, minimal maintenance and very versatile. Each strand of Cliphair’s Bonded Hair Extensions is tipped with keratin glue that holds the strand together. Pre Bonded Extensions are a particularly good choice for people who need their extensions to look as natural as possible. Names like U-tip straight pre-bonded hair extensions might sound scary, but a few minutes of reading will clear everything up – Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are simpler than they sound! Read less

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions
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Bonded Hair Extensions

Check out our range of almost undetectable keratin bonded nano rings, perfect for thin and fine hair.

Not all Pre Bonded Human Hair Extensions are Glued to Your Hair

A lot of confusion surrounds pre bonded human hair extensions, so it’s always best to start with the basics. Pre-bonded hair extensions are strands of human hair held together with a keratin bond. Read more

There are 50 strands per pack, weighing 1g per strand of extension. All pre bonded hair extensions come out of the pack with a keratin bond that holds the strand together. That’s where the pre bonded extensions name comes from, not from the method of extension application. This is compared to a weft, where the hair strands are woven onto a strip of cloth. Pre bond hair extensions are not necessarily glued to your natural hair when applied, though that is one option.

  • Keratin glue doesn’t have to go on your head: While some pre bonded hair extensions are applied with heat, alternatives like stick-tips and micro rings are heat-free application methods for those with sensitive hair.
  • Semi permanent: Once applied, pre bonded hair extensions remain in your hair until you remove them, so you can wash, style and cut the extensions alongside your natural hair!

With that clarified, browse the different application options that Cliphair has available! Read less

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Are Applied Your Way, To Care for Your Hair

When most people think of keratin bonded hair extensions they think of nail-tip extensions, or fusion bonded hair extensions. With this method, the keratin tips of the Remy human hair extensions are melted using a heat gun and ‘fused’ to strands of your natural hair. Read more

Because of the heat involved in the application, some people are put off by this. In recent years, pre bonded hair extensions have seen a number of innovations, such as micro rings and the even smaller nano-ring hair extensions that do not require any heat.

  • Nail-Tip, U-tip and Fusion bonds: The classic heat-applied keratin bonded hair extensions where the keratin itself is melted into your natural hair for a long lasting bond that does not fall out.
  • Stick I Tip or Stick Tip Extensions: The keratin bond is shaped like the tip of a shoelace, holding the strands together. These extensions can be applied using ‘shrinkies’, a heat-applied shrink wrap, or heat-free by using micro rings.
  • Rings and Tubes: Used to apply I tip extensions without heat, a strand of your own hair is threaded into the micro ring (supplied separately) and secured with pliers. You can also buy Micro ring extensions as a ready-to-apply product.

Whatever application method you choose we recommend these to be fitted by a professional hairstylist as they cannot be done on your own. Read less

6 Months of Longer, Thicker Hair with Pre Bonded Hair Extensions in the UK

Now that you know what pre bonded Remy hair extensions are, why would you buy pre bonded hair extensions? The biggest reason that they are a favourite for professionals is that each strand is applied separately. Read more

This gives your stylist maximum control over the final look. Whether you’re after the look that ombre pre bonded hair extensions give, or stunning streaky highlights, pre bond extensions have their advantages.

  • Versatility for volume or vibrancy: Highlights, streaks or just an incredibly natural look, professional application means professional results with pre bonded keratin hair extensions
  • Minimal Maintenance: Once applied, extensions will stay in place for around 8-12 weeks before they need adjusting. Take care of them, and they can be reapplied, giving you up to 6 months of use
  • Save money on Cheap pre bonded hair extensions: I-Tip pre-bonded hair extensions start at just £36, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on your look.

Look at our range and see if pre bonded hair extensions in the UK are the right choice for you! Read less

Care for your Keratin Bond Hair Extensions and They Care for You

Pre bonded hair does have a few do’s and don’ts that you need to be aware of, or your risk damaging your keratin bond hair extensions. A sulphate-free shampoo and avoiding alcohol or coconut oil based hair products is important, as these can break down the keratin. Read more

Heat protection should be applied to your extensions when styling your hair, and you definitely want to keep the curling iron away from the roots and extension bonds. The last thing you want is the keratin melting from your Remy pre bonded hair extensions! Once you’ve found and applied your shiny new pre bonded human hair extensions in the UK, you’ll want to wear your hair down for a week to give your natural hair a chance to get used to the new extensions. Not sure where to get these products? As pre-bonded Remy hair extensions suppliers we also have all the hair care products you need to make your Keratin Bond Hair Extensions last, so you don’t have to go searching around! Read less

Remy Hair is why Cliphair has the Best Pre Bonded Hair Extensions in the UK

To add more confusion, there are many different types of hair extensions – synthetic, real, Remy and others. All of Cliphair’s pre-bonded hair is Remy hair, real human hair. Remy hair is collected straight from donors and is carefully maintained so that the outer cuticle of hair remains intact, and that all of the hair flows in the same direction. Read more

This means our hair extensions pre bonded will maintain their smooth, shiny look while staying tangle-free. All of our pre bonded human hair extensions - from pre bonded stick extensions to our tape-in hair extensions - are ethically sourced from willing donors. High quality and a clean conscience means Cliphair offers the best pre bonded hair extensions in the UK. Don’t just take our word for it, order Remy pre bonded hair extensions in the UK today and try them for yourself! Read less

Quality Doesn’t Come with a Price with Cheap Pre Bonded Hair Extensions in the UK

A low price does not mean an inferior product. Cliphair might offer cheap pre bonded Hair Extensions in the UK, but we maintain that as 100% Remy human hair they are the best pre bonded hair extensions in the UK. Read more

We’re so sure of this that we offer free refunds or exchanges for any reason for any unused, unworn and unaltered products. With free colour matching and free shipping all over the UK there really is no reason not to speak to us today about getting the hair you always dreamed of with pre bonded hair extensions from Cliphair. Call us on 03450 211 311 for clarification before buying! Read less


    • Pre-bonded hair extensions are extensions where the strands of hair are held together by a keratin bond, rather than being sewn onto a weft. Typically, pre bonded hair extensions have 1g of hair per strand, which is attached to a similar amount of your own hair.
    • With proper care, keratin bonded hair extensions will last up to 6 months. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you will want them adjusted at around 8-12 weeks, as the keratin bonded hair extensions will move down as your hair grows.
    • Yes! As long as the hair is cared for properly then pre bonded hair extensions can be reused. You will want to tell your technician before they remove them, and some application methods will require re-tipping the strands before they can be reapplied.
    • Make sure you choose a qualified technician to fit keratin bond extensions and take care of them properly and you are unlikely to damage your hair. Not every technician deals with keratin bond extensions, so check before buying.
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