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Micro Ring, Loop & Bead Hair Extensions

Our revolutionary Micro Ring Hair Extensions are the best choice for longer lasting hair extensions. Also known as Micro Bead or Micro Loop Extensions, these ground-breaking beauties will leave you awe-inspired. Our Micro Loop Hair Extensions are meticulously looped strand by strand into your natural hair, resulting in a seamless blend that enhances your overall look. Read more

What sets our Micro Loop Hair Extensions apart is their remarkable longevity, lasting up to an impressive 12 weeks with the right care. With the ease of maintenance, you can confidently flaunt your voluminous and lengthened hair without worry.

At Cliphair, you can buy micro ring hair extensions online with a free colour matching service to ensure you get the right set and free shipping to your door.

Browse our range of Remy Loop Micro Ring Hair Extensions below to find your perfect set, or explore our wider range of permanent hair extensions. Read less


Cliphair The UK's No1: Remy Human Hair Micro Ring Extension Suppliers

Micro ring/loop/bead hair extensions have risen in popularity, with many celebrities and influencers using them to add volume to their hair and give it a lift. If your hair isn’t naturally thick, you can buy micro ring hair extensions on our website and have them fitted professionally to give yourself a natural boost that lasts for weeks and weeks. Read more

Cliphair are one of the leading micro bead hair extensions suppliers, and when you buy from our website, your extensions can be delivered across the UK within 24 hours.

Browse our range of micro ring extensions above and order today, and we’ll get them sent straight to you, ready for you to take to the salon. Read less

Why Choose Micro Ring Extensions?

No one will be able to tell you’re wearing them, as micro ring hair extensions stay attached to your head thanks to the tiny silicone lined aluminium rings, that blend seamlessly into your hair.

They’re one of the longest lasting hair extension methods, often lasting up to 12 weeks if looked after properly and maintained by a technician, so they’re ideal for when you have a special trip booked or some special occasions coming up. Read more

They also require very little maintenance, once installed by a technician. They may require detangling before a wash, and you also need to be a little careful not to tangle your hair when blow drying, but other than that, you don’t need to do anything special to your micro bead extensions.

They're great at adding volume. While they aren’t always suitable for very fine, blonde hair, in general, micro extensions can be added to most hair types.

Our Micro Loop Hair Extensions are also only made of Remy human hair, which are the highest quality, look completely natural and can withstand the same weather conditions as your own. Read less


    • If properly maintained, micro ring extensions can last up to 12 weeks. They are likely to need maintenance at around 4-6 weeks, as your hair will have grown further from your scalp. This makes micro loop extensions one of the longest lasting methods for hair extensions.
    • Micro loop hair extensions are added in strands to your hair. Your natural hair is pulled through the pre-attached ring, then a clamp is used to hold the extension in place. This small bead sits underneath your hairline, so the extensions can’t be seen and are comfortable to wear.
    • Because Micro Ring Extensions don’t use glue or other chemicals, they are unlikely to damage your hair but are not suitable for people with very fine/weak hair. However, you should make sure you get them fitted by a hairdresser who is a qualified hair extension technician for best results. The weight of these extensions shouldn’t damage your natural hair, as long as they are applied properly.
    • While Micro Bead Extensions can be a good way to add volume to your hair, if you have particularly fine hair, they might not be right for you. These extensions are added using tiny metal rings, and on particularly fine hair, the rings can be visible or may not attach properly to your hair. So you might want to look for alternative options such as a weave.
    • At Cliphair, we offer genuine Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions, never acrylic or other fake hair types. All our extensions are 100% Remy human hair, which means they are made from the highest quality hair. The way Remy is collected ensures the cuticle is kept intact, which is why it has a reputation for being the best hair for extensions.
    • The time it takes to do your extensions depends on the technician and how many you’re having added. Cliphair recommends 4 packs, which takes about two-three hours to attach to your natural hair. While this can be longer than some other methods, this ensures that the extensions are properly attached and can stand up to day to day wear, so you can feel confident when wearing them.
    • While the process of attaching Micro Bead Hair Extensions is straightforward, it’s best left to a hairstylist technician who specialises in hair extensions. This is because they’re not suitable for everyone, and if not properly attached to your hair, they may not last as long and can cause damage to your hair if not properly attached.
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