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Blonde Hair Extensions

Our blonde hair extensions are made to match both natural and dyed shades of blonde. From blonde clip ins you can attach at home to tape ins, permanent bonded and nano ring extensions you can keep in for longer, our blonde extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair. Whether you're looking for dark or light blonde extensions, you’ll find a shade to match your hair at Cliphair.



    • The best blonde hair extensions are our most popular. Specifically shades: #60 Lightest Blonde, Ice Blonde and #613 Bleach Blonde in 20" or 22" length.
      When it comes to our blonde hair shades, our most popular Hair Extensions collections are Double Weft, Tape-ins and our Full Headset.
    • Blonde Hair is more expensive. If your natural hair colour is darker, getting your dream blonde shade requires a huge upkeep - and even huge-er costs. Ultimately, there is more after-care and attention needed for this type of shade.
    • Your natural hair can be bleached however we advise you not to colour the extensions to match your hair. We have a vast amount of blonde shades to choose from, including various bleached tones.
    • All type of hair extensions are different. Firstly, our blonde Double Weft has an expected life span of 6-12 months with the right aftercare. Our Full Head set has an expected life span of 6-12 months.
      Lastly, our Tapes have a 12 week lifespan, this can drastically reduce if after care advice is not followed.
    • Platinum (Ice Blonde) and bleach blonde are two different blonde shades. Bleach blonde is a brighter blonde shade. Platinum (Ice) blonde is the lightest blonde shade you can go for, it appears icy due to its light reflecting abilities. Platinum has that sparkling effect that pairs well with any outfit. Bleach blonde is a classic look with golden undertones for a more natural look.
    • The Difference between Ash Blonde and Blonde is that Ash Blonde is a cooler tone and the blonde is a warmer tone.
      Ash Blonde has blue, violet and silver undertones, this is a dark root colour with a hint of grey to create an ashy tone. Blonde has orange, yellow and golden undertones to give you a natural tone.
    • Yes, you can dye blonde human hair extensions, just as you would your own hair. Make sure you apply the dye carefully, using downwards strokes, to avoid damaging the hair (we advise against bleaching). Another option is to simply buy a hair piece that has already been dyed for you.
    • If you’re planning to dye or tone your blonde hair extensions, this is fine to do if you buy extensions made of 100% human hair. Real blonde hair extensions can be treated much the same as your own hair, so you can simply use your usual products on them.
    • Real blonde hair extensions can be bleached to turn them white, as long as you use extensions made with human hair. However we do not recommend you bleach hair extensions. It is easier if you buy extensions in the tone you require, such as ice blonde, which is almost white, as they won’t require as much bleaching.
    • When you shop for blonde hair extensions in the UK, the cost will depend on the quality and type of extension you buy. If you want blonde clip in extensions, they cost from around £60-100